Introducing Lifecycle 360: How Customers Helped Reimagine the Data#3 Hub

In 2015, when the Data#3 Hub was launched, the world was a very different place. The term “COVID-19” had never been uttered, TikTok was still a biscuit and Microsoft’s Teams platform was more than a year away. Five years is a long time – especially in the fast-evolving technology sphere.

The Data#3 Hub was created as a maintenance portal to help customers easily track their infrastructure. No more endless searches for the right device or contract details! With nearly one million managed assets, over 700 customers, and countless resource hours saved, the Data#3 Hub has well and truly delivered on its key aim.

Following the significant changes in technology of the last five years, along with evolving customer requirements, Data#3 has responded with an evolved Hub offering, one that integrates new technology advancements to continue to exceed customer expectations. The result is the new and improved Data#3 Hub. Introducing Lifecycle 360: Your Infrastructure Insight.

Throughout the development process, customer feedback was sought at every step. Organisations of all sizes, from sectors as diverse as agriculture, finance, education, and government, were generous in sharing their feedback and suggestions, which were incorporated into the Lifecycle 360 design.

Lifecycle 360 features include the following benefits:

  • Infrastructure at a glance: Gain a single view of your infrastructure, support contracts, support requests and alerts – categorised by vendor.
  • Self-serve features: Users can add devices purchased elsewhere to enable a single source of truth in a unified location.
  • Accelerated Support: Intelligent support request routing accelerates the right information to the right person, even directly dispatched to vendors such as Cisco.
  • Identify Key Milestones: Easily access key dates such as End of Sale, Last Date for Security Patching and End of Support to identify the most economical replacement times.
  • Single Source of Truth: Ensure consistency of information, throughout staff changes, business acquisitions and mergers, and avoid costly surprises.

With changes based on customer input and feedback, Lifecycle 360 streamlines workflows and provides a user-friendly source of truth – all in a single portal. Save time with enhanced request routing, reduce staff frustration in resolving support issues, and maintain a centralised view across your asset inventory.

Lifecycle 360’s dashboard has been designed to provide customers with a single, complete view of their IT environment and assets, categorised by vendor. Using a simple system, customers can gain a comprehensive view of software updates, upcoming and overdue contracts, and important asset information. Alerts are delivered directly to customers through the Lifecycle 360 dashboard, with the dedicated Data#3 team providing additional monitoring services.

Lifecycle360 Dashboard


Lifecycle 360 is free for Data#3 maintenance customers. As a leading Australian technology provider, Data#3 is proud to provide an infrastructure solution to proactively inform, monitor and minimise administrative burdens.

Free guided tours are available for existing Hub and Lifecycle 360 users. Take advantage of a guided tour and maximise the features available. Discover how your organisation can gain full visibility, accelerate support and make smarter, insight-driven decisions. Lifecycle 360, from Data#3: Your Infrastructure Insight.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to book your Lifecycle 360 introduction.

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