How interoperability bridges the collaboration gap

By Bruce Newton – Solution Specialist, Data#3

[Reading time: 2:22 mins]


Today, collaboration is far more complex and multi-dimensional than it was even just two years ago.  We’ve moved a long way from the days when meetings would all be organised by landlines, agendas sent via email, and meetings conducted around a boardroom table with a flip chart and platters of sandwiches.

We’ve got to a point where workers can connect with the touch of a button, from anywhere, and on any device. Businesses can enjoy real-time collaboration with colleagues from all over the world. They can access a shared workspace and exchange documents, images or messages while on a video call.

Today, geography is no barrier to effective collaboration. At least, not within organisations. Unfortunately, however, it’s often a different story when we’re collaborating with external partners beyond the office walls.


For many years, a lack of interoperability between different collaboration solutions has, ironically, made collaboration with external partners or suppliers very challenging. Historically, businesses have invested in a specific collaboration suite that works seamlessly internally, but can’t be used by external parties unless they share the same technology.

When it comes to bridging this collaboration gap, external interoperability is essential.

True interoperability opens up fantastic new opportunities for achieving greater productivity, in a more rapid and cost-effective way. It means that workers from one organisation to the next can share desktops, get more people on calls, connect with video, share information, and have a far more interactive experience, anywhere and anytime. It also makes collaboration far easier for suppliers and contractors and for smaller business partners who may not even have collaboration solutions in place.

A truly interoperable solution is also great PR for any business, as it meets the growing demand for seamless, natural, multi-channel workplace communication. We are, of course, now seeing a new generation of employees that are more tech savvy than ever before. In their personal lives, they can connect with their peers quickly, seamlessly and from anywhere. They expect the same level of technical sophistication in the workplace. No business wants its employees to think its IT infrastructure is prehistoric, and a solution that enables seamless collaboration from one business to the next overcomes this scenario.


This is the first blog, in a 3-part series – stay tuned for the next blog.


Data#3 is a Cisco Master Collaboration Partner. To help improve engagement and collaboration across your business, we use a portfolio of Cisco hardware, software and Cloud services (in conjunction with a select number of complementary technology partners). We listen to your specific requirements, and recommend collaboration solutions based on these. We can also provide any required training or change management, to ensure your solution is utilised effectively.


 Speak to us to learn more about how we can help you achieve interoperability in your business.

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