How can ICT Augmentation save your IT project?

It’s Monday morning and the Managing Director reveals that the high-level project you’ve been working on has just had its implementation schedule changed. This means the design and implementation stages of the infrastructure project must be delivered in the next two weeks instead of a month.

Yikes! You need to think fast.

Before you go to the kitchen and grab what you believe might be your last coffee, you think to yourself “there must be a solution?” …and there is.

The answer is ICT Augmentation – but what is it and how does it help?

Also known as Workforce Solutions or Resource as a Service, ICT Augmentation is a service that provides tailored and tested technical resources to an organisation, effectively taking away the pressures and processes of HR and recruitment. It allows organisations to deploy an individual, or a team of contractors, to deliver a project (or several) without having to take on an employee directly.

ICT Augmentation provides the key benefits of a professional services engagement, with a cost closely associated to a standard contract recruitment engagement. This is extremely beneficial when a skillset is required for a short-term project, where quick turnaround is essential and managers are time poor.

A unique approach to ICT Augmentation.

At Data#3, ICT Augmentation isn’t just about putting a contractor in place to get the job done. The focus is about understanding the needs, requirements and expectations of the customer, so the job is done at the high standard you would expect of your employees. This ensures right fit for the project is found, available from an internal bench, vendor partners or networks – all known and capable technical resources.

Recruitment can often be an intensive and time-rich process that can take weeks or even months to get all the right approvals to onboard an employee. Coupled with the risk of securing a resource who may turn out to not have the appropriate skills, be the right team fit, or align to tight deadlines, this can cause more harm than good.

This was reality for a recent customer.

The customers’ internal recruitment process was stringent, requiring several approvals to just begin recruiting. A further approval process by a board was then required to commence onboarding. Time was something they didn’t have. Instead, with an ICT Augmentation solution from Data#3’s, the customer was supplied with several resources to peruse for their needs. The customer then met, interviewed, and onboarded their preferred contractor within a 72-hour window.

The speedy turnaround proved to be beneficial for the business, and reassured the customer, with no impact on the project. For the customer, the outcome was:

  • rapid access to a pool of resources,
  • an expedited start date, and,
  • a successfully completed project delivered on time.

The customer also had the added benefit of knowing the cost before commencement dependant on project workload.

My advice is; when you find your project objectives readjusted, don’t lose momentum. Think old things in a modern way, think ICT Augmentation!

For more information or to see how ICT Augmentation can benefit you, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or via the Data#3 website.

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