Finding alternatives between traditional staff and outsourced models

After 20 years in the ICT project space, I have noticed organisations shifting from traditional candidate sourcing models, to an augmented volume staffing strategy that offers flexibility, scalability and the ability to move to hybrid management models. Committing to full outsourced models can be difficult for some organisations, yet there are options that can help complex businesses bridge the gap and maximise the efficiency of their staff and their staffing partners.

The Data#3 People Solutions team have successfully enabled customers who have needed volume technology resources without the management overlay of outsourced Service Levels.

We were recently privileged enough to be able to work with a large FMCG customer who was seeking a 20% cost reduction in their contracted ICT talent however, they required a solution that enabled them to retain IP, included scalable support models, and offer continuity to their internal support metrics. Our team worked closely with the management group to understand their business challenges, and to advise them on the changing dynamics of the candidate market. This understanding helped Data#3 deliver a solution that met their needs and enabled the volume contracting teams to enjoy a long term contract where they were valued and offered benefits beyond traditional models.

Our market is ever-changing, growing, adapting and altering the way businesses scale, and the way they manage their workforce. Predictable staffing models are difficult in a variable project world, and being able to maximise various models can help bridge the gap between certainty and chaos. Scalable workforces that have an element of predictability around the type of people, skills, project costs and management layers that help keep customers on track, and able to flex with the changing demands of their business.

Traditional contracting, through traditional recruiters usually means a multitude of resumes, interviews, various contracts through various service providers who may know little (or a lot) about what your business challenges are. Adding further complexity is choosing a partner with the depth of ICT understanding.

Choosing a partner who lives within the ICT community and is Australia’s number one technology partner with Tier 1 vendors, allows our customers to experience world class partnering and service support. Your business can choose the traditional models, or chose to leverage the knowledge of the market experts and allow not only your business but your contractors to partner with someone different – a partner that adds real value to your bottom line.

With a team of 23 experts across Australia, Data#3 have solutions that can be moulded to our customers changing needs. Our resourcing teams have a minimum 5 years individual experience in the ICT space, with a genuine interest in solving the problems of both our candidates and our customers. We have worked with skilled contracting talent across the country, and understand where and when their availability can be targeted to suit your needs. This genuine commitment is what makes our team stand out in the industry, both through integrity and a proven history of success.

Being fully integrated within an ICT solutions company – the Data#3 People Solutions team is unique, integrated and fully connected to the changing models in technology. These factors set us apart from traditional recruitment models and enables services and solutions that enable customers to transition between various models and cloud challenges.

To find out how you can leverage our experience to achieve your business objectives, contact us.

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