Eight reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

By Greg Edmonds, Microsoft Solutions Specialist, Data#3

There are a number of key features of Microsoft’s new operating system that are designed to benefit both end users and the enterprise as a whole.

This article focuses on eight compelling reasons why you should consider upgrading to the new and improved Windows 10. Let’s take a look.

1. Enhanced user experience

Arguably the most important feature of Windows 10 is the seamless transition from the Windows 7 and 8 operating systems. Current Windows 7 users will be particularly pleased with the familiar desktop environment, plus the refined design of many of the existing menus.

One of the most exciting things about Windows 10 is that it’s an operating system that truly bridges the gap between traditional desktops and mobile devices. This experience is especially realised on devices that have dual capabilities, such as the Surface Pro 3.

What’s more, the Continuum interface seamlessly scales to the device you’re using, providing a consistent user experience across all your devices – functionality that’s absent from both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Windows 10

2. Universal Apps

Microsoft has raised the bar with the Universal Applications for Windows 10. Put simply, Universal Apps enable apps to be configured and deployed once only across multiple devices instead of the laborious process of downloading the same app multiple times. This not only streamlines the deployment of apps within an organisation, it also helps to reduce IT operational cost and complexity.

3. Improved enterprise mobility

By providing a consistent user experience across all devices (smartphone, tablet or desktop), while still taking advantage of the device form factor (e.g. touch capability), Windows 10 supports the rapid growth of workforce mobility.

This means business users can take advantage of the The Anywhere Workplace, thanks to seamless access to familiar operating environments regardless of where they’re located.

4. Start MenuWindows 10 start menu

By popular demand, Microsoft has re-introduced the Start Button for Windows 10, plus the design and layout of the Start Menu is more user friendly compared to previous generations. Apps, nested folders and Live Tiles are well organised and easy to find, plus the ‘All Programs’ interface from Windows 7 is now included on the same screen as the updated layout for Modern UI applications. This introduces users to the dynamic nature of Modern Apps, while still providing a similar experience to launching older Win32 applications.

From an IT perspective, this view can be managed at the enterprise level. This level of administration can allow organisations to set a menu that is consistent across the enterprise.

5. New applications

Windows 10 will see the introduction of new applications such as digital personal assistant Cortana and the Edge browser. Cortana should add value to end users with advanced reminders, more relevant search results and by generally providing assistance. The Edge browser provides new viewing options, allows users to capture and edit webpages and also provides tighter integration with OneNote. These collaboration points, as well as improved performance as a web engine, will provide end users with a significantly improved experience.

6. Streamlined access

Windows 10 promises a simpler, more secure login process by enabling business users to sign in using their Azure Active Directory (AAD) account. By leveraging pass-through authentication with AAD credentials, accessing services (whether they be on-premises or Cloud hosted) is seamless to your business users. Windows 10 consolidates business and personal identity to help streamline access, particularly for mobile employees.

7. Seamless integration

Windows 10 also provides seamless and secure integration between mobile devices and Microsoft Consumer and Enterprise Cloud Offerings, including Windows Store, Azure Active Directory and Office 365. This means end users enjoy a smooth and reliable connection to business networks and applications anywhere, any time and on any configured device.

8. Better security

As you would expect, Microsoft has ramped up the security features around Windows 10. Device Guard serves to protect sensitive business data and apps from unauthorised access, and can be configured by IT administrators for ultimate control and flexibility. Windows 10 also boasts other security features such as Secure Boot, Multi Factor Authentication and Data Loss Prevention (incl. application containers for copying and pasting).

Like to know more?

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