Crafting an Identity-based Security Strategy for Cloud

By Richard Dornhart, National Security Practice Manager, Data#3 Limited

As most of IT professionals would agree, cyber security is a massive issue in today’s digital world. And yet, organisations of all sizes are struggling to address an increasingly complex threat landscape.

IT SecurityIn the context of enterprise Cloud security, Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools play a greater and more critical role. For instance, in a recent TechTarget article the author suggests that whilst it’s not difficult to build new security approaches into new Cloud-based applications, the harder aspect of IAM is to extend this security model into traditional IT.

Furthermore, the selection and implementation of an IAM procedure for Cloud security requires a different security approach, with identifying common patterns and technologies being a key first step.

The key takeaway, is that IT leaders need to consider their industry and its particular compliance regulations for Cloud – before the implementation of identity governance to avoid potential pitfalls or challenges in the retrofitting of policies.

Read the full TechTarget article.

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