Controlling rising IT infrastructure costs

By Craig Jennings, Nuance

Corporate IT organisations constantly wrestle to balance the delivery of IT infrastructure and services that add value to the enterprise, while keeping infrastructure costs in check. For example, workstation management is a large portion of any corporate IT budget, and opportunities exist to reduce infrastructure costs while delivering high user value.

Within the scope of desktop services, IT provides productivity tools to their users. One such tool, PDF software, significantly reduces the need for printing to paper and filing paper documentation, facilitates workflow processes, and enables content to be read, edited, and converted on almost any device or platform. As functional groups and users adopted various PDF solutions to electronically exchange and store documents identical to their printed states, PDF technology permeated throughout most enterprises. However, most organisations haven’t standardised on one PDF solution, presenting the opportunity for organisations to adopt one business-ready PDF solution to lower IT infrastructure costs and increase user productivity by using Nuance Power PDF solutions.

It is no secret that IT leaders and managers are under constant pressure to deliver increased productivity and value to end users and business units while simultaneously keeping IT infrastructure costs in line. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which reflects both direct and indirect costs associated with IT hardware, software, operational, and support services, has been a management benchmark for many years. Within the scope of TCO comes workstation management, which encompasses a large portion of IT budgets.

The more workstation assets age and new technology becomes more powerful, the more challenging it is for organisations to maintain productivity. Extra time spent learning non-intuitive user interfaces, and employees taking time from their jobs to help others, reduce effectiveness of everyone. Meanwhile, there is also a strain on the IT support organisation as IT staff have to support a variety of sometimes difficult-to-use tools and applications, maintain multiple versions, and periodically patch them to maintain effective security. These issues affect the entire organisation and increase TCO.

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