Balancing external collaboration and risk

By Chris Day, Solution Consultant, Data#3

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Working in collaborative situations provided Australian workers time-saving and quality improvement benefits worth $46B in 2014*.

However, as we increasingly use collaboration tools to maximise company productivity, cyberattacks continue to grow. As mentioned in this article in CSO, with every new collaboration tool, new points of entry become available to hackers.

As cyberattacks increase 20% annually, organisations must find ways of dealing with attacks such as spear phishing, betrayal by an employee, or malware from foreign adversaries.

The fact is, we need to invest in collaboration to compete effectively in this new economy. But, we need to ensure security at the same time. With the right investments in security, organisations might spend thousands but unknowingly save millions.

For example, a Cloud-based collaboration solution that is fully encrypted with special encryption servers and keys can protect organisations from most cyberattacks. Or a network behaviour anomaly detection system that can detect malicious traffic hitting the network in real time.

There are valuable insights here for IT leaders who are looking to increase collaboration while maximising cybersecurity. Let me know what you think of this article.

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*The Collaborative Economy, Deloitte.

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