3 Yammer tips for HR Professionals

By Hannah Paterson, Online Marketing Specialist, Data#3

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As a HR representative in a corporate environment, you already know that communication is king. That’s why it’s essential for HR departments to broadcast messages and receive feedback directly from staff and employees. You’ll want to do these tasks quickly and easily, especially if you’re in a small team to allow you time to focus on other valuable exercises.

At Data#3, our HR team find Yammer an efficient tool for broadcasting messages and hearing feedback.

Yammer Tips for HR

So, what is Yammer?

The easiest explanation is that it’s an internal social network, from Microsoft. You can publish updates to your company as a whole, or you can create a public or private group and communicate specifically within that group. Yammer even has an online chat tool too!

Here’s three ways Yammer will make your day-to-day work easier:

1. Broadcast messages to your company

Do you ever feel like you’re spamming your work colleagues with emails? Yammer is a great tool to broadcast messages without sending an email. It’s similar to Facebook, where you post a status to your friends but on Yammer, you post a status to your company. Say there’s a new resource in your Learning Portal you want to promote – why not share it to your company via Yammer?

2. Share messages to a specific group

Maybe you have a message which you only want to share with staff who are in sales? Or just staff who are interested in CEO updates? Yammer allows you to share within a group. It’s important to note one must be a part of the group to receive the message. For example, our HR team have created a group called ‘Community’, where they find it effective to communicate messages about how Data#3 staff can volunteer in the community.

3. Hear feedback and communicate with your company

I think the best thing about Yammer is listening to feedback, and all in one place. For example, you might want to understand what learning material staff are looking for. Using Yammer, you simply construct a simple post to the company or a group and ask your question. Everyone can see each other’s comments too which leads to forum style discussions, without clogging up mailboxes with a multitude of emails – what a dream!

These are just a few great ways Yammer can help you and your HR team be more productive. To learn more ways on how to be more productive, watch these short videos we have created, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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