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Guest Blog | A Show of (Brute) Force: Crysis Ransomware Found Targeting Australian and New Zealand Businesses – Trend Micro

Crysis (detected by Trend Micro as RANSOM_CRYSIS.A), a ransomware family first detected in February 2016, has been spotted targeting businesses…

Guest Blog | 3 key things to consider when using Threat Intelligence – Fortinet

Fortinet’s Toan Trinh, consulting system engineer, shares his advice on three key things to consider when effectively using threat intelligence.

Guest Blog | Discovering happy customers in Big Data – Nimble Storage

The Power of Predictive A massive transformation is happening in the IT industry and it’s being driven by predictive analytics…

Guest Blog | What’s Next with Speech Recognition? – Nuance

Everyone thinks that speech recognition is what they have on their smart phone. But speech recognition is much bigger than…

Guest Blog | Providing complete protection against ransomware – Barracuda

One of the big topics of conversation these days is ransomware – a type of attack where criminals hijack sensitive…

Guest Blog | Living on the edge in stormy weather – APC by Schneider Electric

As South Australia’s recent storms (which knocked out the state’s entire power supply) showed, natural disasters are unpredictable and powerful.