Delivering the Digital Future at JuiceIT

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We have never lived in a world with such rapidly evolving technological innovations. To drive organisations into the future, we must be adopters of future-focused business models to remain competitive and to deliver a superior customer experience.

The long-awaited return of the JuiceIT in-person events – across Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane – offer a full day of informative presentation sessions, demonstrations and product showcases from world-leading technology vendors and is widely regarded as a “must attend” event on the IT calendar for key decision makers and IT Managers alike.

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2023 Keynote: Chris Riddell

Futurist, Collaborator, Optimist.

Join us for an eye-opening keynote from Global Futurist and Digital Evangelist, Chris Riddell, where no sector, subject or stone will be left unturned in his quest to make sense of the challenging world of ‘the future’. With the world moving at breakneck speed, rapidly shaping and completely transforming every aspect of our society, Chris Riddell is a man on a mission to get every person on the planet excited about that speed of change.

JuiceIT 2023 Agenda

Join us for an eye-opening morning keynote from Global Futurist and Digital Evangelist, Chris Riddell. This will be followed by 6 informative breakout sessions hosted by Data#3 and world-leading technology vendors. You can select to attend one of 4 streams within each session. As security is a top business and technology priority for all organisations, stream 2 within each breakout session will be dedicated to the topic of delivering the digital future, securely. All streams within session 5 will be practical demos, allowing you to get under the hood. View the agenda below to learn more and to plan out your day.

8:30am - 10:00am

Welcome to country, Chris Riddell and Data#3 C-Suite

10:00am - 10:30am

Morning Tea and Sponsor Showcase

10:20am - 10:35am

Data#3 Lifecycle360 Demo

10:30am - 11:10am | Session 1

By now, the majority of organisations have established some form of cloud presence and are operating in a hybrid environment. This brings with it a raft of governance and security challenges. Questions arise, such as how do you govern a hybrid environment? How do you manage compliance and risk? How do you manage and forecast cloud spend? And how does an operations teams effectively manage these environments? Attend this session to understand best practices on effective governance, tooling, operation and opportunities to make your organisation more productive and secure in Azure.

Scott Gosling – National Practice Manager: Microsoft
John Thiele – Azure Solution Specialist

Every organisation will experience a Cyber Security Incident; how they respond will determine the impact. A good response requires a well-orchestrated plan, proper tools and visibility.

In this session, we will look at “Day 2”, what happens directly after your organisation has identified a security incident. We will share our experiences helping customers respond to incidents and best practices you can adopt to ensure you are “security incident ready”.

Richard Dornhart – National Security Practice Manager

Cloud, Internet and SaaS are fundamentally changing enterprise architectures, creating a massive visibility gap as mission-critical infrastructure and applications move beyond an enterprise’s four walls. ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence provides a holistic global view of digital experience, enabling organisations to see the Cloud, Internet and SaaS like their own environment and detect and react to Internet events in real time. In this session, you’ll learn how ThousandEyes (part of Cisco) provides insights within minutes of getting started; how we empower you to quickly detect, correlate and resolve issues with pinpoint accuracy; and how with Cisco we broaden your ability to monitor and deliver optimal end-user experience through visibility across your entire digital supply chain.

Shiv Radhakishun – Head of ANZ Channel, ThousandEyes
Al da Silva – Technical Solutions Architect, ThousandEyes (Adelaide)
Todd Anscombe – Technical Solutions Architect,  ThousandEyes (Perth)
Heath Russell – Channel Technical Solutions Architect APJC, ThousandEyes (Brisbane)

This session will review modern cyberattack methods, how attackers bypass endpoint protection, firewalls, and other solutions to perform a successful breach. It will also inform common misconceptions around detection and response technologies and review their effectiveness around stopping modern and targeted attacks, using real-world customer examples.

Sean Scott – Endpoint & Workload Security Specialist (Perth & Brisbane)
Mark Junkovic – Security Account Executive (Adelaide)

11:20am - 12:00pm | Session 2

The rapid adoption of Cloud services has enabled organisations to rid themselves of much of their technical debt. But at what cost?

Once the dust settles from successful Cloud migrations, technical support teams are tasked with the inter-connected financial, operational, and security challenges of managing complex cloud environments. Hosted by Graham Robinson, join Bruce Waldron, John Thiele, and Richard Dornhart for a panel discussion, centred around Data#3’s own journey and learn how their pain can be your gain.

Graham Robinson – Chief Technology Officer
Bruce Waldron – Information, Productivity & Technology Manager
John Thiele – Azure Solution Specialist
Richard Dornhart – National Security Practice Manager

Cisco Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities solve key challenges that security leaders have highlighted such as limited visibility, a lack of context and correlation, and the need to be able to recover quickly from a security incident. After a tumultuous year, join our ANZ security leader for a discussion of where the security industry is heading in 2023, what you can do about critical issues that emerged last year, the impact of large-scale breaches, staff shortages, and the focus on security for all.

Corien Vermaak – Director of Cybersecurity Australia and New Zealand – Cisco

As organisations continue their digital transformation journey, it is becoming more evident that the path forward is inevitably linked to data protection.

We know of the increasing and sophisticated manner in which cyber threats are now becoming an everyday occurrence. Existing data protection solutions are now often not enough to keep your organisation, and its data, safe.

In this session, we’ll cover not only a strategy and solution, but also what your organisation may not know immediately after surviving a breach, and how Dell Technologies has the processes and solutions to support and transform your organisation after such incidents.

Mic Henderson – Sales Specialist, Data protection and Cyber Recovery (Perth)

Dr Jerry Vochteloo – CTO, Data Protection, APJ (Brisbane)

Ransomware attacks have become a growing concern for organisations of all sizes across Australia and New Zealand, resulting in significant financial losses and damage to reputation and customer trust. In today’s hybrid digital age, data is critical for businesses and its protection is essential.

Having a robust backup strategy in place is crucial for protecting against ransomware attacks. The Veeam Platform provides organisations with data resiliency through relentless security, fast, reliable recovery, and data freedom solutions for their hybrid cloud.

It seamlessly integrates with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and offers native backup and application mobility for Kubernetes. Additionally, it has integrations with some of the most data-intensive SaaS workloads like M365 & Salesforce, giving you the freedom to choose the solution that best fits your needs.

With Veeam, you can rest assured that your data is protected and can be recovered quickly in the event of a cyber-attack. The platform takes a multi-layered approach to cyber resiliency, starting with trusted immutable backups as the foundation of any successful ransomware protection strategy.

Immutable backups cannot be modified or deleted, even by an attacker who has gained access to your systems. This ensures that even if an attacker encrypts or modifies your data, you will still have a pristine copy of your data that can be restored.

John Wood – Head of Systems Engineering | Australia & New Zealand

12:10pm - 12:50pm | Session 3

The datacentre has gone beyond a room on premises and evolved to become a complex environment including private and public cloud, colocation and on-premise architecture. With a large number of customers reassessing their investments in cloud and focussed on utilising technology as a business enabler, the questions most IT departments are asking is- ‘How do I reassess my environment to achieve my goals’. Join this session to hear from Industry experts on what is takes to build a hybrid environment.

Siobhan Delaney-Miller – Strategic Partner Manager, Schneider Electric (Adelaide)
Beau Alderson – Client Relationship Executive (Perth)
Astrid Groves – General Manager- Sales, IT/Edge (Brisbane)

Poor access management, default passwords, credential stuffing, phishing, and abusing stolen credentials and DDOS attacks are all too common causes of security breaches, keeping security leaders up at night. Couple this with businesses’ drive for productivity gains – it’s a balancing act. In many ways walking a tightrope between security and productivity is less about achieving balance, which is a static state, and more about dynamically managing the imbalance. In this presentation, you will discover how the boundaries have blurred between corporates’ requirements for security while empowering people with less complexity to improve productivity. And uncover insights gained as business move beyond passwords, towards a passwordless experience, and focus on identity in their quest to keep people secure while delivering profit.

Daniel Comarmond – Delinea Sales Engineer

Organisations are under increasing pressure to do more with less – in a sustainable way. This must be done against a backdrop of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. The investments made leading into the pandemic must be translated into enhanced productivity outcomes for staff. Attend this session to understand enhancements in sustainability and effective procurement for Microsoft’s industry leading devices, best practices in governance for M365 and how to allow staff to be productive – all while being secure.

Mark Pattie – Modern Work Solution Specialist
Mark Hindson – Microsoft Security Solutions Architect

For most organisations, a key component of their IT Strategy around the Digital Future involves a move to cloud based IT services.

The speed and agility of cloud services, combined with the ability to align IT costs to business revenues makes cloud services a highly attractive business proposition.

But what do you do with business critical applications that are not cloud-ready? How do you address data sovereignty, performance and security concerns associated with public cloud?

Are the public cloud cost structures really viable for all of your workload types?

At HPE we believe that the future of cloud is hybrid – with a blend of on-premise and public cloud workloads to deliver an optimal business outcome.

Come and join the HPE team to learn how HPE GreenLake delivers The Cloud That Comes To You.

Paul Johnston – Solution Architect, HPE (Adelaide)
Harris Schneiderman – Enterprise Sales Director – Cloud Services – APAC, HPE (Perth & Brisbane)
Darren Smith – Category Manager, Aruba (Adelaide & Perth)
Carlos Gomez – CTO, Aruba (Brisbane)

12:50pm - 1:40pm

Lunch and Sponsor Showcase

1:00pm - 1:15pm

Data#3 Software Asset Management Demo

1:20pm - 1:35pm

D3Commerce Demo

12:55pm - 1:35pm

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we invite you to attend the first Women in Technology working lunch panel discussion at JuiceIT.

Facilitating this discussion, we have Tina Ambrose, CEO at Valrose and Co-Chair of Women in Technology WA (WiTWA). Our esteemed panel includes Remona Murugan, Head of Technology Platforms at Rio Tinto, Corien Vermaak, Director of Cyber Security at Cisco, Amanda Toogood, National Manager – Annuity and Customer Success at Data#3 and Kingsley McGarrigle, WA State General Manager and Environmental, Social and Governance Lead at Data#3.

During the panel discussion, we will cover the following topics:

– Imposter syndrome
– The sandwich generation
– Overcoming common biases, challenges and scenarios
– Advice on succeeding as a female in the tech world

Tina Ambrose MAICD – CEO at Valrose and Co-Chair of Women in Technology WA (WiTWA).

Amanda Toogood – National Manager for Annuity and Customer Success at Data#3
Corien Vermaak – Director of Cyber Security at Cisco
Remona Murugan – Head of Technology Platforms at Rio Tinto
Kingsley McGarrigle GAICD – WA State General Manager and ESG Lead at Data#3

1:40pm - 2:20pm | Session 4

Join Logitech’s B2B and Education Business Manager, Andrew Rezk, as he discusses the evolution of the overall experience for the workforce, how it has changed over the years, what it is like now, and why the future of workspaces will continue to evolve.

Andrew Rezk – B2B and Education Business Manager

Data breaches in Australia are on the rise with many high-profile organisations being compromised. At the same time, the distributed nature of our workforce and applications means more information lies outside our control than ever before. All of this data must be protected, yet accessible, by employees, customers, and third parties. Many organisations are grappling with how to protect sensitive data and tie risk, compliance and security controls into a cohesive strategy to avoid being the next public case study in data loss.

Attend this session to learn how customers are adapting their information protection strategies to mitigate against information theft and ransom, as well as meeting ever-changing and increasingly complex regulatory requirements. Consultants from Business Aspect will share observations from real-world customer engagements, and share recommendations and best practices for implementing an information protection strategy and policy. Data#3’s security experts will then connect how Microsoft’s Information Protection solutions can protect sensitive corporate data from compromise, loss or theft.

Paul Green – Principal Information Security Consultant, Business Aspect
Chris Harvey – Principal Security Architect, Data#3

2022 and beyond is an era of rebuilding, rethinking and reshaping what life and work looks like as travel starts again and people are working from not only their homes and their offices, but anywhere and everywhere. HP’s portfolio of devices and services helps you collaborate, manage and secure your entire fleet, no matter the distance. HP’s new product portfolio will help your businesses to thrive in ‘The New Possible’.

Mark Fenson – HP & Intel Ambassador

With the wider adoption of “hybrid IT” our data lives in multiple places; M365, data centres, hyper-scale clouds and more. How can we leverage the cloud to protect our data and enable recovery when an event (natural disaster, ransomware or something else) happens?

Dave Hamilton – Senior Systems Engineer, 11:11 Systems APAC (Adelaide and Perth)
Marc Beder – General Manager, APAC (Brisbane)

2:30pm - 3:10pm | Session 5

Join Graham Robinson, CTO at Data#3, and two of his technology leaders, as they demystify critical and emerging technologies in Security and the Cloud.

During the first demonstration, Chris Harvey will provide a behind-the-scenes view of a Security Operation Centre (SOC) and explain how threat identification, classification, and correlation work together. We’re going to explain what you’re seeing, when you see it.

In the second demonstration, David Summers will be showcasing Microsoft ARC to give insight into unifying multi-cloud; on-premises, AWS, Azure, and GPC. This demonstration will jump head-first into the world of tomorrow’s cloud and showcase the skills you’ll need to master your own.

Graham Robinson – Chief Technology Officer
Chris Harvey – Principal Security Architect
David Summers – Microsoft Azure Lead

In the past 2 years businesses have experienced the acceleration and strategic importance of digital transformation projects. Against this backdrop of an accelerated digital economy, we have seen that data underpins this digital future. Accurate data provides the foundation from which business decisions are made that drive consumer services and experiences.

Over time consumer data has become incredibly valuable and enables organisations to create differentiated products and great customer experiences. But the value of digital data has also become a magnet for the modern-day criminal. They know the value of your data, to your business and to your reputation. Is your data protected or are you vulnerable to the modern day digital bank robber?

Organisations that can effectively capture, store, protect and ultimately serve the right data, to the right application, to create the right consumer experiences are the ones that will thrive in a digital future. Hear how Pure Storage helps organisations thrive in this digital world to avoid paying the ransomware bandits.

Mark Jobbins – Field Chief Technology Officer & Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan

Join us for a look at the latest Adobe innovations across the Document and Creative Clouds that help your organisation create, transform, and deliver exceptional digital experiences. The future is bright with Adobe Acrobat Pro and brighter with Microsoft and Adobe to deliver end-to-end document workflows and automation. See how Creative Cloud has evolved with workflows to manage people, assets, and how new services help you build and collaborate on content for today’s communications.

Matt Davis – Principal Solution Consultant

We’ve all seen the increase in the cyber threat landscape and the massive impact cyber-attacks have had locally and globally – what’s the next big thing? But, more importantly, what will this practically mean for your organisation?

Trend Micro’s research is second to none as a leading global cyber security giant. Join Andrew as he shares exclusive insight into key findings from the Trend Micro 2023 Global Security Predictions. Discover top threat vectors, pressing security concerns, and new attack surfaces worth watching. Learn why over 50% of organisations need to adopt a security platform approach to improve cyber defence capabilities and modernise their SOC strategy.

Andrew Philp – Platform Strategy Lead ANZ

3:20pm - 4:00pm | Session 6

Join SentinelOne as we discuss the current threat landscape and summarise our finding of the SentinelLabs 2022 Watch Tower report as well as reviewing the key components of a modern architecture to ensure your organisation is protected.

Rob Collins (MBA, BSc, CISM) – Senior Systems Engineer

Session Takeaways

  • The idea of Active Directory auditing
  • Security log in the event viewer
  • 6 alarms for tracking suspicious actions
  • Leverage Machine Learning to detect anomalies

Hari Krishnan S – Senior Technical Consultant

The XDR promise is to deliver an unified and efficient approach to prevent, detect and respond to threats. This requires multiple security tools to work together through native and open integrations. Join this session to learn more about how Trellix XDR delivers a simple and insightful SecOps experience to identify and rapidly stop attacks.

Karen Schuman – Enterprise Sales Director, Australia & New Zealand

Damian Vale – Enterprise Account Manager, QLD

Extend MFA and modern identity security to any sensitive resource, including ones that couldn’t be protected before, including legacy applications, service accounts, OT systems, command-line interfaces used by ransomware, and more.

Philip Richardson – Channels Lead – APAC

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Prize Draws, Sponsor Showcase and Post-event Networking

Marc Beder
General Manager,
11:11 Systems APAC


Connect with Marc on LinkedIn

Dave Hamilton
Senior Systems Engineer,
11:11 Systems APAC


Connect with Dave on LinkedIn

Matt Davis
Principal Solutions Consultant,
Digital Media, Adobe


Connect with Matt on LinkedIn

Full bio

Matt is an Adobe Principal Solution Consultant with expertise across the Creative, Document and Experience Clouds, solving customer problems, enhancing workflows, demonstrating solutions and value. Matt joined Adobe in late 2012 and with global end-to-end, all channel production experience and a love of technology, Matt can teach a thing or two about building and managing marketing communications and documents in this new normal age.

Beau Alderson
Client Relationship Exec,
APC by Schneider Electric


Connect with Beau on LinkedIn

Full bio

Beau has spent over 15-years consulting with the Perth IT community on data-centre physical infrastructure implementation, planning and standards. With a strong IT and business background, Beau actively works with organisations to assist with bridging the gap between facilities and IT management, leading to more agile uses of physical infrastructure that support today’s hybrid environments.

Siobhan Delaney-Miller
Strategic Partner Manager,
APC by Schneider Electric


Connect with Siobhan on LinkedIn

Astrid Groves
General Manager – Sales, IT/Edge,
APC by Schneider Electric


Connect with Astrid on LinkedIn

Paul Green
Principal Information Security
Consultant, Business Aspect


Connect with Paul on LinkedIn

Full bio

Paul is a principal information security consultant with over fifteen years’ experience in secure solution design and information security analysis, including the areas of cloud and hosted service providers, payment services, mobility, application development and identity management supported with practical experience in many vendor solution sets.

Todd Anscombe
Technical Solutions Architect,
Thousand Eyes, Cisco


Connect with Todd on LinkedIn

Full bio

Todd has been with Cisco for just under 10 years and works with Cisco’s enterprise customers to help them realise end-to-end visibility across application, server, and network performance.

Al da Silva
Technical Solutions Architect,
Thousand Eyes, Cisco


Connect with Al on LinkedIn

Full bio

Al is a Technical Solutions Architect focused on delivering innovative network solutions that make a meaningful difference to Cisco’s customers across ANZ.

Shiv Radhakishun
Head of ANZ Channel,
Thousand Eyes, Cisco


Connect with Shiv on LinkedIn

Full bio

Shiv Radhakishun is a 10-year Cisco veteran with over 8 years of account management experience, four of those years with Meraki. In his recent career challenge, Shiv has been tasked with leading the ANZ channel at ThousandEyes and building the channel business into a successful organisation.

Heath Russell
Technical Solutions Architect,
Thousand Eyes, Cisco


Connect with Heath on LinkedIn

Full bio

Heath is a highly skilled Sales Engineer with extensive experience in network performance management products and a long history of using and implementing ThousandEyes. He has a deep understanding of applying ThousandEyes in a operational environments and developing managed services to build value for clients.

Corien Vermaak
Director of
Cybersecurity ANZ, Cisco


Connect with Corien on LinkedIn

Full bio

During her career Corien has specialised in Cybercrime legislation and Data privacy while representing large multinational on these matters. She has been involved in the writing of legislation in this regard as well as consulting to Africa Union and Interpol on issues relating to Cybercrimes and privacy. Corien is a Qualified Digital Forensic Auditor, Lead ISO 27001 auditor and C|CISO.

Scott Gosling
National Practice Manager:
Microsoft, Data#3


Connect with Scott on LinkedIn

Full bio

Scott Gosling is the National Practice Manager for Microsoft Services within Data#3 and has a long career history covering both the business and information technology aspects of computing. Scott has a background as a Microsoft engineer, a Consultant driving business, IT alignment and project management.

Chris Harvey
Principal Security Architect,


Connect with Chris on LinkedIn

Full bio

Chris is a natural leader and IT professional with over 20 years industry experience in proposing, designing and deploying ICT solutions. Chris demonstrates proven skills in communications product and service development, management and sales. Strong turnaround skills, deep technical competency, and broad industry insight, ensures Chris consistently delivers executive level success.

Amanda Toogood
National Manager
Annuity & Customer Success, Data#3


Connect with Amanda on LinkedIn

Kingsley McGarrigle
WA General Manager &
ESG Lead, Data#3


Connect with Kingsley on LinkedIn

Full bio

Kingsley is a senior business leader who is passionate about harnessing the power of people and technology for a better future.

Srikanth Nandigam
Solution Architect, Data#3


Connect with Srikanth on LinkedIn

Full bio

Srikanth’s role complements and supports the Sales team in the design of technology solutions and the articulation of the associated business outcomes to customer executive level.

Mark Pattie
Modern Work
Solution Specialist, Data#3


Connect with Mark on LinkedIn

Full bio

Mark is responsible for leading the Modern Work practice, developing business plans, proactively engaging vendors, driving marketing activities, providing sales enablement and developing go-to-market solutions.

John Thiele
Azure Solution Specialist,


Connect with John on LinkedIn

Full bio

John is a leader in the Data#3 Azure practice, working with customers to best utilise cloud services to meet their business requirements and leverage all that cloud has to offer.

Daniel Comarmond
Sales Engineer,


Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn

Full bio

Daniel is a security expert with a career spanning security pre-sales and sales engineering. He is passionate about Identity and Access Management (IAM) as he believes they bring people into the security ecosystem of policies and processes. Daniel works to live, renowned in competitive aerobatics and as a performance singer.

Mic Henderson
Sales Specialist, Data Protection
& Cyber Recovery, Dell Tech


Connect with Mic on LinkedIn

Dr Jerry Vochteloo
CTO, Data Protection
APJ, Dell Tech


Connect with Jerry on LinkedIn

Andrew Rezk
B2B & Education,
Business Manager, Logitech


Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn

Full bio

Andrew is a data-driven technologist focused on designing solutions for businesses that improve their productivity and creativity. He has helped businesses grow by developing customer experiences and collaboration technologies centered around the end user. In the hybrid workspace, Andrew can consult on how the use of technology can better your team’s work culture.

Hari Krishnan S
Senior Technical Consultant,


Connect with Hari on LinkedIn

Full bio

7+ Years of expertise of handling Enterprises from various industries and help them Fine-Tune & secure their IT environment. Understand the Industry/Business specific IT challenges and chalk out a strategy to address them in IT Service Management, Endpoint Management & IT Security. Actively Promotes ManageEngine Solutions’ capabilities to clients, identifies new sales opportunities or additional business within the account(s).

Nirmal Nathan
Manager Strategic Accounts,


Connect with Nirmal on LinkedIn

Full bio

8+ years of expertise in assisting enterprise organizations including education, non-profit & government sectors across the globe. Specialized in supporting complex ManageEngine deployments and helping organizations adopt strategies to solve real life IT challenges in IT Service Management, IT Security & Compliance, etc using ManageEngine solutions. Also an influencer in making the right choice of solution for the customers.

Cheryl Robertson
Director of National Security
Solutions Sales, Microsoft


Connect with Cheryl on LinkedIn

Full bio

Cheryl is passionate about helping solve business challenges with the “potential” technology solutions can offer. Ensuring a balanced approach of secure, good governance with a “growth mindset” – challenging traditional thinking with managed risk to ensure business is secure yet doesn’t get left behind.

Mark Jobbins
Field CTO
& VP APJ, Pure Storage


Connect with Mark on LinkedIn

Full bio

Mark Jobbins is the Field Chief Technology Officer in Asia Pacific and Japan for Pure Storage, responsible for supporting organisations on their digital transformation journeys whilst working closely with the Pure Storage Product Management and Engineering teams. Mark is passionate about creating exceptional customer outcomes and leading high-performing cross-functional teams to drive customer and partner success.

Remona Murugan
Head of Technology
Platforms, Rio Tinto


Connect with Remona on LinkedIn

Full bio

Remona is an experienced Senior Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the mining & metals industry. Skilled in Strategy, Governance, Business Process, and IT Service Management she has a great depth and breadth of experience.

Philip Richardson
Channels Lead APAC


Connect with Philip on LinkedIn

Full bio

Philip is a seasoned cyber security professional with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He has held various roles in solution architecture, consulting, pre-sales, technical engineering, and support services, working with Systems Integrators and Managed Services Providers in Australia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. With a “can do” attitude and proven track record, Philip brings practical, hands-on experience to selecting, designing, implementing, and managing cyber security solutions that align with an organisation’s goals.

Damian Vale
Enterprise Account Manager
QLD, Trellix


Connect with Damian on LinkedIn

Andrew Longhorn
Senior Sales
Engineer, Trend Micro


Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn

Full bio

Andrew has worked for British Aerospace, EMC, Accenture and various government, Defence, Robotics, Satellite tracking, EDRMS and cyber security vendors.

Andrew spent over a decade as a CTO in the startup space, establishing development centres and leading, architecting, and delivering over 300 Saas and mobile applications for companies around the globe. Andrew is also a technical advisor on several boards and consults with the industry, regularly mentoring students and interns.

Andrew holds technology patents in Australia and the USA and is passionate about simplifying systems and processes, focusing more on outcomes and removing overheads.

Andrew Philp
Platform Strategy
Lead ANZ, Trend Micro


Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn

Full bio

Andrew is a passionate cyber security defender with over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Cyber Security. For the past 8 years at Trend Micro, Andrew has been assisting large enterprises and government agencies to understand, manage and reduce their cyber security risk posture and currently leads the growing team and customer base in the Western region.

John Wood
Head of Systems
Engineering ANZ, Veeam


Connect with John on LinkedIn

Full bio

John Wood, a seasoned professional in his second decade in the data protection industry, he leads Veeam’s ANZ Systems Engineering team, responsible for driving innovation and delivering desired outcomes to customers of all levels. He’s an expert in designing, building, and deploying data protection solutions using cloud technologies to alleviate business risks associated with data loss and ransomware cyber events.

Mark Junkovic
Security Account Executive


Connect with Mark on LinkedIn

Full bio

Mark is passionate about helping organisations enhance their security posture and visibility while reducing operational complexity. Mark has extensive experience and is a thought leader in enterprise security solutions including Network, Infrastructure, Endpoint and Cloud Security as well as biometric and physical access. Working with leading financial institutions, federal & state-based government agencies, and all types of Australian organizations has enabled Sean to deliver projects on a varied scale with local, regional and global impacts.

Sean Scott
Endpoint & Workload
Security Specialist, VMware

Connect with Sean on LinkedIn

Full bio

Sean is a Cybersecurity advocate, technologist and digital transformation specialist with over 25 years of IT experience. With an extensive history working with IT, Infrastructure, Cloud and Cyber teams, he uses the past experience as a member of IT, internal and external consulting, representing system integrators and global IT vendors. Sean leverages different perspectives and experiences to drive a customer outcome-focused mindset.

Tina Ambrose
Head of Technology
Platforms, WITWA

Connect with Tina on LinkedIn

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