Express Route to Azure Stack

Why hybrid cloud?

Microsoft Azure is one of the world’s leading public cloud services. It provides unlimited scalability. So, why would you want to explore a hybrid Cloud for your organisation? A hybrid cloud enables you to deploy workloads in Azure public cloud, and then on-premises with Azure Stack, and move them backwards and forwards as required:

  • For applications you cannot get permission to move to public cloud
  • For regulatory reasons
  • As part of your testing routine
  • To run high performance analytics
  • To manage low latency applications
  • To develop apps consistently for public and private clouds
  • To support edge and disconnected applications in remote locations and operations without consistent network connection.

Hybrid cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack

Azure Stack is an extension of Azure, one of the world’s leading public cloud services.

With Azure Stack you can bring that agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to your on-premises environments. It’s not ‘like’ Azure; it is Azure, right there in your data centre.One management interface for all your private and public cloud resources: a true hybrid cloud.

See how in this 1 minute video.

Extend Azure into your HPE data centre

As a user of HPE infrastructure in your data centre, you know that that there are times you want the control and minimal latency of on-premises reliability.

HPE Proliant for Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud solution that provides a simplified development, management and security experience enabling you to run Azure consistent cloud services in your HPE data centre.

See how in this 2 minute video.

A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Data#3 will help you to tailor and implement the right solution for your organisation. This coupled with HPE’s 30-year partnership with Microsoft, and a solid partnership with Data#3 for over 20 years, we lead the way in hybrid cloud solutions.


HPE On-Prem Price-Performance Beats Amazon Web Services
This report provides a deep analysis of the price-performance ratio for a given workload.

Stand up a proof of concept in a week

If you would like to explore the opportunity to extend Azure consistent services into your HPE on-premises data centre we will help you stand up a proof of concept in one week.

Our Azure Stack experts will provide you with information about recommended practices to design and operate workloads on Azure Stack and help you develop a broad understanding of capabilities that can be used in future projects. More importantly, we will provide key information into which of your workloads are best suited for Azure Stack deployment.

We will discuss and design your Azure Stack implementation and end with detailed planning for your first workload utilising the Azure Stack Development Kit.

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