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Unleash the Potential of your Data

Organisations are still being held back by data storage challenges that have been around for years – manual processes, legacy on-premises environments, data in silos across multiple locations and limited resources – and these challenges only get worse at scale.


of all data generated was in the last two years and is accelerating daily.


of IT decision-makers still see storage management at scale as a key challenge.


of data available to enterprises goes unleveraged.

To address these challenges, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is delivering a transformative data infrastructure model – Unified DataOps.

Bring the cloud experience to data and infrastructure management:

Databases  Unify Data Silos

Bring data together from edge to cloud under a single pane of glass to streamline data access and drive intelligent insights.

hand icon   Self Service

Move faster with a self-service cloud experience, accessible from anywhere on any device to manage data across its lifecycle.

Upwards Arrow   Deploy on Demand

Automate setup, configuration and deployment with zero touch activation and upgrades.

two cogs icon  Maximise Efficiency

Intelligently and rapidly map workloads to the right resources with intent-driven provisioning.

down arrow icon   Reduce Complexity

Manage thousands of systems as easily as managing one by automating data infrastructure management.

brain icon   AI Powered

Move to self-managing, self-healing and self-optimising infrastructure with AI-powered operations.

Data Services Cloud Console

A suite of SaaS-based apps to power a cloud operational experience across edge, core, and cloud with point-and-click simplicity.

  • Intent-based provisioning
  • Streamlined deployment
  • Unified backup
  • AI-driven infrastructure management at scale

HPE Infosight

Forget reacting to issue after issue with limited visibility across complex, siloed infrastructure. HPE InfoSight delivers AI-powered autonomous operations that ensure your environment is always-on, always-fast and always-agile.

  • Predict and prevent issues automatically before you even know there is a problem
  • Advanced pattern-matching algorithms prevent you from ever seeing a known issue
  • Protect every app with complete views of infrastructure and correlated insights

Considering a move to the cloud?

Don’t fly blind, try CloudPhysics first

In minutes, CloudPhysics delivers an accurate picture of your cloud workload capacities to help you confidently plan and design your hybrid cloud architecture and migration strategy.

Discover the power of CloudPhysics and the depth of information it can provide with an eye-opening free initial assessment of your environment with Data#3.
Request your free assessment.

HPE Alletra

The hardware foundation of Unified DataOps

Powered by Data Services Cloud Console, HPE Alletra, is purpose-built for cloud operations. The HPE Alletra 6000 and 9000 are an evolution of HPE Nimble and HPE Primera systems into a single storage portfolio, both offering the architectural flexibility needed to run a variety of applications without compromising their performance.

    • AI-driven for predictive support and management to improve performance and availability
    • Built for cloud with agility and simplicity from edge to cloud
    • Available as a Service for pay-per-use, scale-up-and-down freedom
    • Deploy, provision, manage and scale your storage in 99% less time

HPE Primera

Redefine Mission Critical Storage

If you want the agility of the cloud but need the resiliency and speed of high-end storage for mission critical applications take a look at HPE Primera.

    • On demand experience so storage is instantly available
    • App aware resiliency backed with 100% availability guarantee
    • Predictive acceleration so apps start fast and stay fast with embedded AI
    • Spend 93% less time1 managing your storage

HPE Nimble

Intelligent, self-managing and scalable storage

HPE Nimble Storage is ideal for customers running business-critical applications, medium-scale databases and mixed workloads who want to simplify their storage experience.

  • Resolves 86% of issues2 before you know there is even a problem
  • You can rely on business-critical performance with 99999%3 guaranteed availability
  • Simplify and automate operations so it’s easy for any IT generalist to manage
  • Always modern – no forklift upgrades

Storage as a Cloud Service

For OPEX-based consumption and As a Service experience consider HPE GreenLake for storage.

  • Benefit from the expertise and experience of storage specialists
  • Bypass long procurement cycles and up-front capital costs
  • Metered so you only pay for what you use

Explore how HPE GreenLake for storage can give your business the freedom to move with speed, agility and efficiency in this infographic.

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Unlock your Data Potential

Getting started with optimising workloads and IT spending across your edge to cloud environment has never been simpler. Award-winning, HPE Platinum Partner, Data#3 is offering customers a free CloudPhysics assessment where you can accurately identify your ideal configuration for compute, memory, storage, and network when moving data to the cloud. Contact us to request today.

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