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Your top workloads, on-premises and on-demand

The way organisations consume technology is changing fast. Many business applications and services have moved to cloud. Yet cloud isn’t the answer for every app – many mission-critical workloads are best handled inhouse.

The challenge is that traditional on-premises environments can tie up capital, are labour intensive, and are regularly overprovisioned.


of IT staff time is spent on undifferentiated heavy lifting. 1


the amount that enterprises overprovision compute resources. 2


of enterprises experience downtime due to capacity planning. 2

So, how can businesses alleviate the cost and operational burden of on-premises infrastructure? The solution? Enter HPE GreenLake, a portfolio of cloud services offered within an elastic, pay-per-use ‘as a Service model delivered to data centres, the edge and multi-clouds.

Bundle all your infrastructure into a pay-per-use model

From compute and storage to containers and HPC – and everything else in between – managing the components of your on-premises infrastructure can be extremely complex.

Consumption-based IT eliminates that complexity: under a single pay-per-use model, you don’t need to juggle various vendor licenses or worry that you’re paying for unnecessary equipment. Instead, while you might have 10 servers on-premises ready to go for your peak demand periods, you only pay for the amount you use right now.

HPE GreenLake is leading the way for EaaS. It meters your usage – whether gigabytes of storage, compute hours or megabytes of network traffic – and you pay only for what you consume. You get the capacity you need in minutes, with no upfront payments, no risk of overprovisioning, and compete control.

Helping SMEs Manage the Unexpected

Are you facing escalating and unpredictable demand for IT resources? With 60% of organisations expected to use flexible lower-cost IT consumption models by 20233 the shift from build to consume is quickly gaining ground. HPE Greenlake offers pre-configured solutions for SME storage and compute workloads.

  • Scale capacity on demand – in minutes not months
  • Eliminate upfront and over provisioning costs
  • Extend your team without hiring a single employee

Data#3 offers simple and fast quotes for HPE GreenLake compute and Storage as a Service for SMEs. All you have to do is answer a few quick questions.

Consume and operate EaaS:

A blueprint for achieving consumption-based IT with on-premises infrastructure

Learn why many organisations are leveraging forward-thinking, flexible IT practices when transitioning to an EaaS structure.

This guide examines the critical business and technology practices enabling EaaS, from using IT partner resources, ITIL features and operations service practices, to funding infrastructure as a service.

Key benefits of keeping your compute on-premises

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Financial clarity

Better economics with a simple and flexible pay-per-use model based on actual metered usage.

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More control

On-premises, IT has more control over the security and compliance of infrastructure.

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Keeps data close

Both data locality and data sovereignty are big issues for organisations that need to keep data close at hand.

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Better performance

On-premises environments can assure service levels and availability, which can be critical for some workloads.

Data#3 delivers the ‘Everything’ in Everything As a Service

Data#3 is a Platinum Partner of HPE, with over 30 years of experience in delivering HP solutions to Australian businesses. Furthermore, we maintain leading partnerships with all of the vendors within the HPE GreenLake banner. This means you gain access to more technologies, while keeping everything under one roof.

As HPE GreenLake Partner of the Year (2021), HPE Platinum Partner of the Year (2022), and  Aruba GreenLake Partner of the Year (2022) Data#3 has proven experience in helping Australian businesses get started with HPE GreenLake. These businesses reap measurable cloud-like benefits – like cost savings, streamlined IT management, and new levels of scalability – in their on-premises environments.

See the case for partnerships capturing greater value from ‘as a Service than a direct to vendor approach.

Customer Stories

Vision Super Customer Story


Find out how HPE Greenlake can benefit your IT

To learn more about how HPE GreenLake’s on-premises, consumption-based IT service can give you more control over cost and performance, book an assessment workshop with Data#3 today.

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2. HPE and 451 Research (2016). Consumption-based IT changes everything. [Online] Available at: http://h41382.www4.hpe.com/discover-more/application/assets/pdf/TrackA06_Consumption_Changes_Everything.pdf

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