Cut Storage Costs with a Ninja Thin Capacity Assessment


Using HPE’s ‘Ninja Thin’ Assessment tool, a Data#3 storage expert will carry out a complete efficiency audit of your current storage infrastructure, reporting back a real written data utilisation rate. This illustrates the TCO savings driven by optimised capacity and also highlights the available savings in power and datacentre floorspace.

Process: Carried out by a Data#3/HPE BPSA accredited Storage expert

Duration: Designed to be non-disruptive and time-efficient (typically half a day) we only ask that you provide us access to your systems.

Output: Data#3 provides a high level report of your current utilisation and provide recommendations for cost reductions and performance improvements.

Take the first step towards cutting your storage costs and book your complimentary ‘Ninja Thin’ assessment today.

Ninja Thin supports HPE’s Get Thin Guarantee, where customers deploy HPE 3PAR Utility Storage as part of their next technology refresh and halve the amount of capacity required to store their data – or HPE will make up the difference with free disk.

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