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Aruba wireless network supports fast and seamless digital learning

Australia’s education sector has undergone a major shift. The rapid and unexpected need for large-scale digital learning has put many schools and universities under enormous pressure. Delivering quality learning outcomes means providing innovative and immersive digital experiences, both on campus, and at home. For many institutions, however, the technology to support effective digital learning is lacking, and the education experience is suffering.

The rapid transition to remote learning also means many schools and universities are now at much higher risk of cyberattack than ever before. In June 2020 alone, 4.7 million malware incidents were detected in the education industry worldwide1.

To deliver optimal learning outcomes, you need the right foundation: a powerful, next-generation Aruba wireless network that can support fast, seamless digital learning, with trusted security at its very core.

How does your school or university’s network rate?

Building a robust, secure network: where to start

In a recent survey, 87% of educators said that in the wake of the pandemic, they expect to use more technology more than before2. Discover the five essentials for building a next-generation network for your school or university that can cope with this increased demand.

How can your school or university meet new digital learning challenges?

Throughout Australia, educational institutions have had to rapidly adapt to support quality remote learning. For most, returning to pre-Covid-19 methods simply isn’t an option. Now is the time to re-assess your school’s technology foundations and ensure you’re equipped for whatever lies ahead. These resources can help:

Success story: How John Paul College future-proofed its network

As schools increasingly adopt BYOD and IoT initiatives, their network demands are expanding to hundreds, even thousands of connected devices. Without a secure and easy to manage onboarding solution, IT can quickly become overwhelmed.

John Paul College is a leading K-12 independent school in Queensland. They partnered with Data#3 to implement a next-generation wireless network built on Aruba technology. This new network provides high-density coverage, a secure environment that’s easy to proactively manage and support, and it allows the IT team to seamlessly onboard student devices, guest access, and BYOD.

Success story: How The Southport School ensures seamless connectivity

Located on the Gold Coast, The Southport School is an independent Anglican day and boarding school for boys. They were operating with a wireless network that was struggling to cope with the demands of a growing student population and increasing use of BYOD devices.

The school partnered with Data#3 to design, configure and deploy a next-generation wireless network solution using Aruba ClearPass and Palo Alto Networks security platform. Students, teachers, staff and guests can now enjoy wireless experience across the school, with significantly improved access, performance, coverage and user experience.

Blog: A lesson in network planning

IT departments in the education sector have long faced a familiar set of challenges when planning, deploying and maintaining campus networks: tight budgets, a lack of skilled resources, lengthy approval processes, and rapidly evolving technology requirements. But as schools and universities move swiftly to adopt digital-first education models, a new generation of challenges has emerged.

These growing pressures are forcing network administrators to rethink the network – and it’s not just planning for the ‘right now’ that is so critical; IT must also peer into the future.

Aruba Next-Generation Networking Solutions for Schools

Data#3 partners with Aruba, an HPE company, to deliver seamless network solutions with security at their very core. With Aruba, you can ensure:

Remote Access

Fast, secure remote access

Give staff, students and teachers the secure, reliable, remote network access they need, with Aruba’s range of VPN services.

Contact Tracing

Reliable contact tracing

Meet regulations and ensure safety by facilitating capturing data for all people who connect to an access point on your network.


Greater visibility for  IT

Eliminate blind spots and give your IT team far greater network visibility with Aruba’s cutting-edge ClearPass technology.


Ease of management

Get all the AI insights, security and unified infrastructure management you need, via a single pane of glass, with Aruba Central.

Device onboarding

Seamless device onboarding

Quickly, easily and securely onboard new devices to the Wi-Fi network with Aruba ClearPass.

Powerful Security

Powerful security

Unify, automate and protect all devices at the edge of your network with Aruba’s AI-powered Edge Services Platform.

A powerful partnership

Data#3 are proud to partner with Aruba for education. Aruba’s innovative wireless networking solutions have been developed to tackle today’s challenges head-on, and prepare educational institutions for the opportunities that cloud, mobility and emerging technologies will bring to schools across Australia.

Get started today

To learn more about how Data#3 and Aruba can help you future-proof your school or university’s network, get in touch:


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