Deploy Assist for Education

Access significant funding to support the deployment, training and adoption of Microsoft Surface devices in your school.

If you have, or are considering purchasing Microsoft Surface devices, be sure to have a deployment and adoption plan in place. A study of 500 primary and secondary school educators, revealed that 40% of teachers avoid existing technology in their classroom due to insufficient training1. While 30% of the same group acknowledged that when implemented correctly, technology could improve student’s results1.

With up to $20,000 funding2 available to assist your school’s Surface deployment, the solution seems obvious, ensure your teachers are prepared to fully leverage your Microsoft Surface investment with Data#3’s Deploy Assist program.

The Microsoft Surface Suite

Unshackle students and teachers from their desks and equip and energise your classroom with the elegant range of Surface devices.

The Surface Pro, Book and Laptop are ultrathin, light and versatile, offering the perfect balance of portability and power. Combined with Surface Pen your students and educators will brings ideas to life; 90% of teachers say digital inking improves the quality of their curriculum2. Launch your school’s creative technology to the next level with the stunning Surface Studio and revolutionise collaboration and group work with Surface Hub – the Surface family has something for everyone.

The Deploy Assist Program

Deploy Assist provides eligible schools with up to $20,000 funding2 to undertake a variety of implementation, training, adoption and warranty support services. The program is designed to streamline the adoption of Microsoft Surface devices by minimising the cost of deployment, accelerating the improved learning possibilities and maximising the return of investment for Surface devices in your school.

Test your IT environment and image capability prior to deployment and prove that the solution will deliver the desired outcomes for your school. This engagement is structured in two parts. It includes the following activities:

Microsoft Intune

  • Setup Microsoft Intune
  • Setup Compliance Policies
  • Setup 5 security policies
  • Upload 3 Win32 apps and 2 Line of Business MSI installers
  • Setup Office 365 Pro Plus

Windows Autopilot

  • Setup Windows Autopilot
  • Configure Enrolment Status Page
  • Demo the Autopilot deployment as deployed above
  • Test the following Autopilot features – device reset, device wipe


Get hands-on help and guidance during your Surface deployment, so you can hit the ground running. We will undertake key administration tasks like device imaging and testing, device set-up and configuration, and asset tagging. We will also help you identify technical blockers and validate capabilities to ensure the best experience when you deploy Windows 10 and Modern Workplace apps. This solution can be deployed in production. It includes the following activities:

  • Setup Microsoft Intune and Windows Autopilot
  • Setup Compliance Policies
  • Setup 5 security policies
  • Upload 3 Win32 apps and 2 Line of Business MSI installers
  • Setup Office 365 Pro Plus
  • Configure Enrolment Status Page
  • Demo the Autopilot deployment as deployed above
  • Configure SCCM5Co-Management
  • Demonstrate how workloads can be moved between SCCM and Microsoft Intune (and back again)
  • Setup Desktop Analytics6
  • Workshop options for conditional access, self-service password reset

Look around in your next meeting and calculate the staff cost of that hour. How long does it actually take to start the meeting? On average, we waste six minutes before every meeting hunting call codes, dialing in, getting audio connected, focusing cameras and troubleshooting others’ failed attempts to join4. Our Modern Meeting PoC will help you:

  • Experience the value of Surface Hub (if applicable)
  • Experience the value of Microsoft Teams
  • Learn how the Surface device ties the experience together
  • Integrate these devices into a test environment
  • Walk through pre-prepared scenarios to showcase how your team can be more productive


Help your team unlock productivity, by bringing them up to speed on how to best use, deploy and manage a modern workplace.

  • Experience how the Surface device unlocks personal productivity
  • Experience how Microsoft 365, when combined with Surface, unlocks the power of the Team
  • Learn how Surface Hub can transform meetings and collaboration (if applicable)

Choose from one of two different training streams:

End User Surface Training

Upskill your staff and help them make the most of their Surface devices. Learn how to use your Modern Workplace apps and pen and touch for maximum productivity and get everyone off to a great start.

CXO, IT Surface Training

Inspire your senior management or IT team by bringing them up to speed on the value of Surface and its potential to transform the learning experience. This is a great way to enthuse leaders so that they share your vision.

We support your switch to Surface

The range of services offered under the Deploy Assist program are in addition to the value-added services we offer all our Microsoft Surface clients such as:

  • Level 1, 24×7 Microsoft Surface Help Desk for warranty processing
  • Dedicated Microsoft Surface Device Specialists for on-site staff and leadership presentations
  • Additional warranty and support options to extend the life of your devices

Extend the life of your Surface fleet

The Data#3 Service Desk Portal is an extension to existing level one, Surface Warranty services provided by the Data#3 24×7 Service Desk, available 365 days a year. The portal instance is exclusive to each client and significantly improves turn-around times and the overall service experience for end users and customer help desk staff. Custom workflows allow the facilitation of device exchange pools, integrated with Microsoft support and warranty processes.

Extended Hardware Service extends the standard device warranty to cover you for a full three or four years, depending on the coverage purchased. In the event of a manufacturer defect, we’ll ship a replacement device in advance of the damaged hardware being returned. Replacement devices are shipped within 3-5 business days via prepaid shipping.

Coverage for accidental damage can be added during the purchase process, through choosing either the Student Warranty or the Complete for Business scheme.

Surface Student Warranty is the smart way to maximise uptime in your classroom. If a device stops functioning – whether it’s a cracked screen, a spill, or power surge damage – it’s covered. With basic and premium options, schools can make two or three claims over the three year warranty period. The $99 excess per claim keeps upfront costs lower for everyone, and rewards those who don’t incur damage.

Extends hardware service coverage for three or four years. It also includes coverage for accidental damage with a limit of two claims per warranty period and a $0 excess per claim.

  • Surface Hot Swap – a device exchange service facilitated by your Surface Education Reseller to provide students with an immediate replacement device when needed. This eliminates the double handling created with loan devices and keeps your students up and running. Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) coverage is required.
  • Surface Pen batteries and Surface Pen Tips – we provide access to bulk packs of AAAA batteries and Surface Pen Tips.

Embrace digital education with Deploy Assist

Reach out to Data#3 and support your teachers and students with the tools they need to embrace digital education. At no cost to you2, Deploy Assist will ensure a smooth and rewarding switch to Surface for your school. As a Gold Partner and Microsoft’s largest Australian reseller, Data#3 is best positioned to support your Surface deployment. We are also the only Managed Authorised Surface Device Reseller in Australia that can deliver Microsoft’s Modern Workplace suite.

Contact us below to find out how much Deploy Assist funding your organisation can claim.

Apply now for Deploy Assist

Enquire below to contact a Surface Specialist and find out how much funding you’re eligible for.

1. Instructure Inc, (January 7, 2016). Why Aren’t We Training Teachers to Use Classroom Technology? [Online] Available at: https://www.innova-solutions.co.uk/news/why-arent-we-training-teachers-to-use-classroom-technology/
2. Conditions apply. Enquire today to see how much funding your school could be eligible to claim.
3. IDC, (June, 2015). Digital Ink in the Classroom. [Online] Available at: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/educators/digital-ink/download-whitepaper/default.aspx
4. Plantronics, (2016). Better Meeting Blueprint. [Online] Available at: https://www.plantronics.com/content/dam/plantronics/documents-and-guides/en/e-books/better-meeting-blueprint-ebook.pdf
5. Note that SCCM must be on current version and in healthy state. If remediation is required, this will be charged at Time & Materials rates to rectify.
6. This will require an Azure subscription with Log Analytics. Desktop Analytics requires Windows 10 E3 or E5 licensing.


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