Data#3 Customer Response for COVID-19

Data#3 Customer Response for COVID-19

Updated: 24th of April.
In light of the continuously evolving COVID-19 situation and customer concerns surrounding the impacts, Data#3 would like to advise on the following actions in place to manage continuity of service for your business.

Data#3 has activated a Business Continuity Response Plan that addresses the evolving situation to allow for uninterrupted service for our customers. Like you, we are faced with similar potential impacts, and our planning incorporates measures to provide and maintain support for our customers. The Data#3 response plans will be continually reviewed and enhanced in relation to the situation. To date, the below actions have been rapidly enacted.

Our business continues to operate as usual and has successfully shifted to a remote operating model. All staff have been directed to operate primarily from home wherever possible. Currently, over 90% of the Data#3 workforce is operational from home.

Customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) continue to be maintained. The Data#3 business operations continue to service our customers with the support and solutions they need throughout this time and ongoing.

Data#3 understands that the current situation has created a host of financial difficulties across many companies, including those of our partners and customers.

Our aim is to support customers and partners as much as possible throughout this time. For customers requesting payment flexibility, Data#3 will review applications on a case by case basis. We are working closely with each customer and vendor involved to investigate additional payment terms. Alternatively, Data#3 offers several payment solutions to assist with reduction of upfront costs for customers.

Please continue to follow the advertised support, service and escalation channels. If you require additional support, please contact your main Data#3 contact at any time.

We thank you for your ongoing support and understanding throughout this challenging time.

Data#3 is monitoring the situation and responding in line with Government recommendations and internal processes. The Data#3 response actions are taken in the best interests of our staff, customers and broader network.

The Data#3 Response teams meet daily on the following items:

  • Review revised information,
  • Identify new risks
  • Assess the status of our current response actions
  • Implement new actions to ensure the health and safety of our staff, customers and community is maintained

Regular updates will be provided to staff and customers as conditions continue to change.

All Data#3 staff are being communicated with regularly and the business is, at minimum, following the guidelines provided by the Australian Government.

Data#3 has undertaken capacity planning and implemented solutions to ensure that technology systems are meeting the work from home requirements of our workforce.

Governance systems, including change control and information security management, continue to remain in place at all times.

  • Data#3 has implemented increased infection control protocols throughout our offices, in line with government advice. Following Government and World Health Organisation (WHO) advice, Data#3 has issued a ban on all company air travel including Domestic, Interstate and International.
  • Staff returning from international or interstate travel (company or holiday) are required to self-isolate for 14 days from date of return in line with Government requirements. The same applies if they have been in contact with a confirmed case of the virus.
  • Staff have been instructed to follow current Government requirements including not attending gatherings of over 2 people and maintaining appropriate social distancing.
  • All staff have been directed to operate primarily from home wherever possible. As of late March, over 90% of the Data#3 workforce is operational from home. Unless meetings are deemed essential, no public gatherings amongst Data#3 staff and partners are authorised. ‘Essential’ is determined by the GM of the Business or EGM and is defined as a critical need for direct business outcomes where other collaboration tools are not available.
  • Data#3 continues to test and conduct regular reviews of internal Business Continuity Plans to minimise any potential business impact.
  • The Data#3 workforce remains productive and engaged. Data#3, to date, has not experienced any unusual levels of absenteeism.

Data#3 is in ongoing contact with major suppliers and able to provide updates on request if not already proactively delivered.

We will advise customers as soon as possible regarding any product or service which becomes limited, or if any foreseen impact to customers becomes known.

There are many unknowns right now. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to deliver the product, services and support your business is reliant on to stay productive and effective during these challenging times.

We have updated our Solution offering to assist you across the following areas:

Professional Services

The Data#3 team is able to address many issues remotely. Additionally, we are ready to support on-site customers who have provided safe access as approved by local authorities and within government guidelines. In the current environment, limitations on travel may delay standard response times. We ask for your patience as we work to get team members to you. Employees will follow health and safety protocols from authorities, as well as customer policies

Whilst our service teams remain ready to support our customers, it is important our customers demonstrate their own compliance guidelines along with any local regulations put in place by state or federal health departments. In the event of any concerns surrounding your workplace, we ask that our customers notify us prior to engineers attending site. If this is the case, please contact your local Data#3 contact.

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