Set innovation free with Data#3 Infrastructure as a Service

In this 24/7 era, businesses need to act fast on new opportunities to remain competitive. Organisations demand flexibility and scalability that simply isn’t an option with traditional infrastructures.

With Data#3’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Australian companies can achieve an immediate turnaround on new ventures – all without compromising stringent data sovereignty requirements.

Our IaaS offering delivers off-premise infrastructure – physical and virtual computer resources, storage and network infrastructure, backed by our local, 24/7 support.

With Data#3’s IaaS, your virtual servers are hosted in secure datacentres in Australia. Physical servers can also be co-located as needed. Your environment is built with Data#3 expertise on a secure, certified Data#3 Cloud platform and backed by leading vendors.

Data#3 IaaS gives you:

  • Expert, 24/7 resources and support underpinned by Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Freedom to grow and change rapidly to meet changing business imperatives
  • Self-provisioning via a user portal
  • Attractive cost structures – you only pay for what you use
  • Datacentres located within Australia.

Data#3 can customise a cloud solution to suit your organisation. Whether combined with other cloud options or stand-alone, we have the answer to your cloud questions.

Backed by our skilled 24/7 Essential Support Centre (ESC), Data#3’s IaaS gives you the flexibility and freedom to drive your business goals, secure in the knowledge that your infrastructure will support you every step of the way.

Watch our short video about solving the challenges of building a hybrid cloud.

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