Webex for Education

Collaborative learning without limits

Digital learning is now the norm. Almost all teachers (98%) frequently use technology in the classroom1 and even after the bell rings, 90% of students are using digital learning materials at home2.

Today’s digital-native students, who begin learning online from as young as 5 years old, are demanding technology-based learning. In fact, a massive 85% of incoming tertiary students say that digital capabilities heavily influence their choice of university3.

For schools and tertiary institutions looking to attract and retain students in a competitive global market, you need to offer the very best digital learning experience. Webex’s platform for Education delivers.

Webex is a seamless and integrated way for faculty, staff, students and industry to create, communicate, collaborate and share. It provides media-rich, highly-engaged learning environments that enhance both the student experience and learning outcomes. It’s incredibly easy for educators to wrap their heads around, too.


The industry’s most advanced collaboration suite

Cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) application Webex, transforms teaching with state-of-the-art features like mobile meetings, always-on messaging and real-time virtual whiteboarding.

Webex will enable you to:

  • Deliver blended, face-to-face and online learning
  • Seamlessly collaborate from anywhere, anytime and any device
  • Organise students into virtual Teams Spaces
  • Tailor and personalise instruction to different teams
  • Facilitate project-based learning
  • Engage students with the social communication tools millennial’s prefer
  • Share media-rich digital learning material
  • All-in-one instant messaging, video conferencing, digital whiteboards, file sharing and annotation
  • Run live Q&A during class or broadcast mass notifications with ease

Webex Board

State of the art, all-in-one teamboard

An immersive, all-in-one presentation, whiteboard and video conferencing device. The deceptively powerful 55” or 70”, ultra high-definition Webex Board is full of industry-first features, like revolutionary wireless pairing and intelligent video and voice.

Connect, collaborate, create and share like never before:

  • Present lesson material and host meetings with video calls in amazing 4K
  • Experience the industry’s first multi-party whiteboarding experience
  • Write, draw or annotate files on the Board, whilst remote participants simultaneously contribute in real-time, from any device
  • Never loose work, resources, drawings and progress automatically synch to your Webex space
  • Perfect for flexible collaboration spaces; walk up to any Webex Board on your campus, or the world and connect effortlessly in just one tap
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing Cisco TelePresence devices
  • Incredibly affordable and intuitive smartboard technology for the classroom


Hear from Beechworth Secondary School about their experience with Webex

See how anytime, anywhere, any device learning is possible:

A simple, easy platform
Webex has zero barriers to adoption. It’s incredibly easy for educators, administration and students to use – offering the integrated all-in-one platform your institution needs, with the modern, social communication tools today’s students prefer.

Collaboration re-imagined
Get connected on a global scale. Bring in subject matter experts from across the globe, connect research groups and collaborate on team projects from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Webex reimagines the tools you use to be productive.

Intuitive search
Integrate chat bots to use advanced search capabilities and make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for.

Previously impossible teaching
Designed to revolutionise collaboration and traditional teaching methods, cloud-based Webex combines messaging, calls, video conferencing, file sharing, and real-time virtual whiteboarding into a single, secure platform.

A-grade scalability
As a freemium service, users simply need an email address to connect using Webex. There is also a plethora of business and education specific apps, bots and open APIs to extend the capability of your Teams virtual spaces.

Why schools and universities love Webex:

Students want to learn collaboratively and educators know that teamwork skills are critical to students’ future careers. In a 2016 student learning survey, 66% of students were positive that the use of technology makes communication and collaboration with fellow students more effective4.

Engage and energise your student by optimising the learning experience:

  • Allow students with different learning styles to engage in different modern ways and at their own pace.
  • Provide opportunities for anytime, anywhere, on-demand learning.
  • Extend access to scare resources and global perspectives into your classroom with secure virtual spaces.
  • Streamline communications, send messages, share files and enable students to chat and video call their peers or teachers.

Extend access to instruction, beyond the classroom:

  • Remove geographic boundaries, and deliver interactive learning no matter the place or time.
  • Offer personalised and on-demand study materials.
  • Easily share resources and communicate with students 1:1, small or large groups.
  • Develop and distribute virtual classes, leverage recorded material for efficiency.

Increase efficiency and easy of communication:

  • Deliver access to administrative and academic resources on any device.
  • Accelerate communication between faculty, staff and students.
  • Simplify process and automated workflows, with a massive selection of business and education apps and plug-ins, that extend the functionality of your Webex space.
  • Save travel time and expenses related to cross-institution or multi-campus projects.

Build parent trust in a safe and secure learning environment:

  • Allow parents to easily connect, communicate and participate in their child’s learning.
  • Provide visibility and control over student activity and progress.
  • Simplify access to teachers and faculty members.
  • Send secure messages to all or groups of parents for real-time updates, such as assembly reminders or excursion updates.

Collaborate securely:

  • Allow researchers to engage with peers in disperse location with disparate technology through interactive video and virtual labs.
  • Share and discuss findings, brainstorm and develop new knowledge.
  • Give researchers extensive access to resources with advanced search and chat bots to increase productivity.


See how the generation of digital natives are changing education

90% of today’s students use digital learning resources, with majority starting as young as 5 years old2.

This infographic takes a deep-dive into how technology is transforming the classroom and explores how schools and universities can create connected campus’ to deliver digital learning to the modern student.

Collaboration Re-imagined

Together Webex and the Webex Board, revolutionise student digital learning experiences, by enabling previously impossible teaching and collaboration. Uniting elegant hardware and intuitive software, the technology fades into the background and learning becomes the focus – this is always our goal for The Anywhere Classroom.

Why Data#3?

Data#3 will get you up and running with Webex fast and will help ensure rapid adoption across your institution. We provide extensive user training and change management to help you get the most from your technology investments.

As both a Cisco Gold and Master Collaboration Partner, Data#3 has extensive experience and capabilities with Cisco technology. As well as 25 years’ experience designing and delivering ICT solutions to Australian schools. Hear success stories from some of our schools.

Our specialists understand your institution’s business needs, coupled with your commitment to improving students’ learning outcomes. Reach out below to unleash limitless learning and starting building your anywhere classroom today.

Cisco Partner

1. IDC (June 2015). Digital Inking in the Classroom. [Online] Available at: https://data3.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/IDC_Digital_Ink_in_the_Classroom.pdf
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