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Improve the way you work, to improve the work you do

Are unproductive meetings holding you back, clogging your calendar and crushing your creativity?

Stop wasting precious time setting up the room, searching for dial-in details, and struggling with decades of disparate technologies.
On average we waste six minutes every meeting tackling technical difficulties1. With most professionals attending more than 61 meetings in a month, this continuous frustration adds up to more than just grey hairs, it equates to six hours each month2 waiting on collaboration technology to work.
Increase the power of your meetings by simplifying the meeting experience.

Introducing Webex Board

The Webex Board is an elegant solution to a perennial problem; the frustratingly painful everyday meeting experience.

This deceptively powerful 55” or 70” ultra high-definition screen will take the pride of place on your meeting room wall. As an all-in-one presentation, video conferencing and digital whiteboard device, Webex Board uses the new Webex Platform to deliver a seamless meeting experience, for every user, from any location, via any device.

Full of industry-first features, the Webex Board makes it incredibly simple for your teams to connect, collaborate, create and share.

The Webex Board in action

The Power of the Webex Board

Produce less sticky notes and more sticky ideas with these state-of-the-art features

Your Webex Board can be out of the box, onto its stand (or wall mount), plugged into power, and part of a video conference in less than 15 minutes. See the proof in our unboxing video below.

Cisco have focused on simplicity at every step; users connect effortlessly to the Webex Board by simply walking into the room and tapping the screen. You (or more accurately, the Webex app on your device) are recognised and automatically connected; logins, cables and complex call codes are now a thing of the past.

Launching meetings is just as simple. A single tap on the Webex Board starts the meeting, or if you’re already in the meeting on your mobile device simply swipe your finger up the screen and pass the meeting from your phone to the Webex Board instantly.

The Webex Board comes equipped with Cisco’s revolutionary ultrasonic wireless pairing. Present, screen share, whiteboard, from any device without adaptors, there is no need for logins, cables, or even a remote control. Apart from the power cord, the Webex Board can be completely wireless.

There is also no need for local server access, complex configurations, or debating with your IT department as to how best to connect the Board to your highly secure network. All it needs is an Internet connection.

The Webex Board features the industry’s first multi-party whiteboarding experience that works in both physical and virtual environments. All meeting participants can simultaneously write, draw or annotate on the Board with a stylus or their fingers, including remote team members who can contribute in real-time from any device.

What’s more, never photograph your whiteboard again. The Webex Board automatically saves your notes, annotations and sketches to your Webex space.

This is the new way to whiteboard:

Featuring an intelligent 4K camera, stereo speakers and the most advanced microphone array on the market, the Webex Board tracks a presenter around the room and automatically adjusts for volume and proximity to the Webex Board. The wide-angle camera lens means you can work at the Board without ruining the video experience for remote participants.

Walk up to any Webex Board in the world, whether it’s in one of your meeting rooms or not, and in one tap connect, collaborate, create and share content with colleagues everywhere.

If the room also has an existing Spark-controlled TelePresence video unit, Webex companion mode will see the Webex Board automatically pair with TelePresence equipment, acting as an extension of the TelePresence system to deliver an even better meeting experience.

See how easy meetings can be with the Webex Meetings Assistant:

Webex Board Unboxing Experience

Cisco says it takes only 15 minutes to deploy a Webex Board, so as Data#3 rolls out Webex Board’s internally around the country, our team took up the challenge. Take a look at how quick and easy their set up was in this video:

Reinventing Meetings

The Webex Board, powered by the newly enhanced Webex Platform, revolutionises way colleagues work by reimagining the tools you use to be productive.

Reimagining the traditional meeting as not as an end unto itself, but a valuable element in fixing the collaboration process. By connecting and enhancing the way we work before, during, and after meetings through using Webex spaces, continuous collaboration can take place.

Webex brings elegant hardware and intuitive software together, to fade effortlessly into the background… letting you improve the way you work, to improve the work you do.

Why Data#3?

As both a Cisco Gold and Master Collaboration Partner, Data#3 has extensive experience and capabilities with Cisco technology. We design tailored collaboration solutions to improve individual and team, productivity and performance across your business.

Data#3 also provides user training and change management, to ensure successful user adoption and the highest return for your investment.

Eager to see the Webex Board in action?

To learn more and experience the capability, elegance and ease of the Webex Board for yourself, please register for a free demonstration below.

1 Planatronics (January, 2016). Better Meetings Blueprint. [Online] Available at: http://www.plantronics.com/inc/cmpn/smarter-meetings/media/better-meeting-blueprint-ebook-apme.pdf
2 Effective Meetings. [Online] Available at: http://www.effectivemeetings.com/meetingbasics/meetstate.asp

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