Cleaner Air, Greener Outcomes: Smart Spaces from Meraki

Transform any place into a smart space

As many Australians head back to the office or classroom, how can you be sure that you are providing a healthy, secure environment? Like business complexes, schools, and data centres, smart spaces also need firm foundations. With Cisco Meraki smart space technology, you can create and manage spaces that improve air quality, reduce energy consumption, and can be managed easily and efficiently.

Smart spaces are everywhere, you could be in one right now! Offices, commercial and public spaces and even restricted spaces can be transformed into a smart space. Take a peek at a day in the life of a smart space.

Build smart spaces fast and securely with Meraki

Meraki IoT

Government air quality compliance  

All levels of government are required to comply with indoor air quality regulations in their workplaces. Improving air quality has a direct impact, not only on the health of staff but also on their productivity.

Smart spaces, using Meraki sensors and smart cameras, can not only monitor key air quality indicators, but also help to create smart spaces that drastically reduce energy consumption in buildings.

A better patient experience in healthcare 

Air temperature, humidity and noise all affect patients, as well as the health workers who care for them. Monitoring these factors allows medical centres and hospitals to take protective measures, adjusting climate to make it less hospitable to virus spread.

As medical facilities rapidly adjust to the changing demands of a pandemic, easily re-positioned and integrated cameras also provide greater security, without the cost and time involved in extra engineering support.

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Meraki for Schools

Monitor air quality in the classroom 

As educators adjust to a new stage of the pandemic, maintaining healthy classrooms is under the spotlight. Meraki sensors and smart cameras can monitor key air quality indicators such as temperature and humidity, as well as analysing traffic patterns and occupancy levels.

The resulting insights allow facilities managers to address air quality issues, even when they are working off-campus, so that staff and students stay healthier.

When IT meets IoT

Technology hardware and infrastructure is inevitably among the biggest investments. This equipment must be kept in carefully managed conditions to function efficiently and last through its expected lifecycle. It is especially vulnerable to environmental factors including temperature and humidity, so monitoring data centres, and acting on changes, is vital.

Smart spaces created with the help of connected Meraki sensors and smart cameras can remotely manage conditions in the data centre, reducing energy requirements and improving return on infrastructure investment.

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Meraki smart space technology

Meraki Sensor

Meraki Sensors

From temperature monitoring to intrusion detection, Meraki IoT sensors provide incredible insight into any space. Take control of your environment, avoid costly disruptions, and digitally transform your organisation.

  • Temperature sensor range from 0°C to 55°C
  • Humidity sensor range from 0% to 95% relative humidity
  • TVOC sensor range up to 10,000 µg/m³
  • PM2.5 sensor range up to 1,000 µg/m³
  • Ambient noise sensor

Meraki Smart Camera

Meraki Smart Cameras

Meraki cloud-managed smart cameras work seamlessly with our sensors, wireless access points, and switches, giving you insight and control over your physical and digital world.

  • 512GB high write endurance solid-state storage
  • 4MP video recording with Smart Codec encoding
  • 3-9 mm varifocal lens
  • 802.11ac wireless
  • Microphone for audio recording

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Meraki WiFi

Meraki Wi-Fi

Meraki Wi-Fi access points are built to work seamlessly and dynamically with our cloud-managed network switches, IoT devices, and security solutions. All are configured to be deployed, secured, and monitored at scale.

  • Wi-Fi 6 performance
  • Dedicated security radio
  • 2.5 Mbps multigigabit Ethernet


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