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Where and how people work has changed more in the last 12 months than it has in the decade prior. The applications we use to facilitate work, are evolving at a similarly rapid rate. On average organisations in 2020 supported 88 business applications – a 21% increase from three years ago1. On top of this, it’s also reported that 43% of your SaaS stack changes every two years2. That’s a lot of continuous change.

Change management and training shouldn’t be the only priorities in this scenario. With many applications no longer living in the controlled environment of your data centre or private cloud – instead residing with a SaaS provider – there are three key pillars needed to safely support this new way of working:

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1. Data backup

The traditional backup model of on-premises to cloud is being challenged, and flipped on its head. Today, you need to ask yourself, do I have the technology in place to backup a cloud application to my data centre, or out to another cloud?

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2. Secure access to data

Without the visibility and control associated with having applications residing in your data centre on LAN traffic, attention needs to turn to securing data in transit from device to application, wherever the application or user resides.

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3. Ongoing application performance

As workers return to the office and look to remain connected with their remote colleagues, can your network cope with the increased demand of cloud-based apps and video conference calls, and scale safely when needed?


To keep ahead of the pace of today’s organisational and technological transformation, you need business continuity, resilience, security, and performance.

This is multi-cloud connectivity and security with Data#3 and Cisco.

Powering multi-cloud network protection

Cisco’s comprehensive security portfolio is built for today’s distributed workforce, ensuring your collaboration platforms, file management, project management tools, and other cloud services are fast and secure. Below are the core Cisco security solutions that deliver this:


Cisco Secure Access by Duo

Simple, secure multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication – MFA – can be one of most effective methods for preventing sensitive business information from falling into the hands of adversaries. But if an MFA is poorly implemented or too intrusive, it could become a weak and damaging link in your security posture.

Based on a zero-trust framework, Cisco Duo provides industry-leading multi-factor authentication to proactively reduce the risk of data breaches. Once users and devices have been deemed trustworthy, the zero-trust policy ensures that they have access only to the resources they absolutely need – preventing any unauthorised lateral movement through an environment.

But what makes Duo such a standout is its simplicity – for both administrators and end users. Duo integrates seamlessly with Cisco’s AnyConnect VPN, providing an additional layer of security for your remote access strategy and making it the easiest MFA solution to protect your Cisco AnyConnect VPN. With API integrations, easy self-enrolment, quick configuration and flexible user-first policies – Duo simplifies authentication to prevent attackers, not employee productivity.

> Video | Watch Cisco Duo explained in 90 seconds

To give you more time to experience the simplicity of Cisco Duo or Cisco Anyconnect VPN in your organisation, we’ve extended our 30-day Cisco Duo trial to 60 days.


Cisco Umbrella

Flexible and fast cloud-delivered security

Cisco Umbrella unifies secure web gateway, DNS-layer security, cloud-delivered firewall, cloud access security broker functionality, and threat intelligence into one powerful solution. Extend protection to devices, users, and distributed locations with an intelligent solution that blocks malicious domains, IP addresses and applications before connection to ensure a clean internet for your organisation.


Cisco SD-WAN

Minimise congestion and optimise application performance, safely

Prioritise cloud traffic, strengthen your defences and resolve performance issues with the flexibility and control of Cisco’s SD-WAN solutionsCisco Meraki and Viptela.

Protect users, devices, and applications anytime, anywhere and a deliver an agile, robust network capable of keeping up with the demands of today’s distributed workforce. And with SD-WAN embedded inside Azure, Google Cloud and AWS, Cisco can deliver protection all the way to the application.

Cisco HyperFlex & Intersight

Backup cloud data

Cisco Hyperflex allows you to know no boundaries with hyperconvergence from core, to edge and multi-cloud. The latest innovation with HyperFlex lies in Cisco Intersight, an IT Operations platform that treats your infrastructure like code, enabling you to deploy HyperFlex anywhere. Free for Cisco UCS and HyperFlex customers, ask us about setting up Intersight for your organisation.

When paired with leading vendors like Veeam and Cohesity, Cisco HyperFlex is the perfect cloud to on-premises backup solution to keep your data secure.

Cisco HyperFlex is based on a distributed, clustered file system that provides you with the storage you need without the overhead of a storage administrator.


Cisco Telemetry Broker

When it comes to cybersecurity, knowledge is power

This powerful new software brings all of your data and analytics together, giving you much deeper and clearer visibility into your environment. It brokers hybrid cloud data, filters unnecessary data and transforms it all into your preferred format. This means you have the real-time insight you need to protect against cyberthreats and orchestrate an effective response with Cisco SecureX.

> Video | Watch Cisco Telemetry Broker explained by TK Keanini, Cisco CTO of the Security Business Group

For a limited time, Data#3 is offering a FREE 90-day trial of Cisco Telemetry Broker.

Cisco SecureX

Automate and enhance your cybersecurity response

Effective cybersecurity is all about having an automated, accurate and appropriate response. Cisco SecureX gives you clear and comprehensive insight via customisable dashboards, allowing you to accelerate and control your response by leveraging real-time data and smart, customisable workflows.

Data#3 is currently offering a FREE* activation of Cisco SecureX, which includes a workshop, technical discovery session and solution activation. Don’t miss out: *Offer limited to the first 30 customers only.

Experience the Data#3 difference

As a Cisco Master Security Partner and Cisco APJC Security Partner of the Year 2021, Data#3 is uniquely equipped to help you overcome evolving cybersecurity challenges to achieve your business objectives.

Secure your multi-cloud environment and build a resilient distributed enterprise today.

To learn how you can scale and protect your data and applications with Cisco security solutions, contact Data#3 to speak to a specialist today or request your free trial.


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