Cisco Meraki

The Meraki Cloud


Cloud-first network infrastructure

Meraki devices enable this flexibility out-of-the-box because they are designed to leverage cloud connectivity and low cost data links. With Cisco Meraki access points you can:

• Manage your entire network from a cloud-based Meraki management panel that lets you monitor, deploy and troubleshoot from anywhere.
• Plug any new network device into the network and it instantly pulls configuration settings you define centrally.

It’s faster, more reliable and dramatically cheaper than legacy approaches.


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The future is hybrid-work

With the surge of remote work, it’s time to securely enable employees to work remotely with minimal disruption. Cisco Meraki cloud-managed security appliances deliver an ‘in-office’ experience to your employees without the cost or complexity of traditional architectures, allowing you to:

  • Enable call centres and sales teams to work remotely
  • Maintain critical business operations securely while off-site
  • Create emergency healthcare, government and community services with little infrastructure




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Software-defined WAN

Traditional Wide Area Networks (WAN) essentially focused on fixed bandwidth connections between remote offices and a central data centre.

The challenge today is that legacy WAN is expensive to maintain and presents a number of other challenges in a changing data environment. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) with Cisco Meraki changes all of that. It’s faster, smarter, far more reliable and significantly cheaper.

With SD-WAN you can now manage data flows over multiple pathways including low cost internet links. You can manage your entire network from a single control panel in the cloud, and decisions about how traffic can route between sites are defined by policy rather than cables so network behaviour can automatically adapt to the condition of the WAN.

Cisco Meraki access points, switches and routers enable this software-defined approach out-of-the-box because they are designed from the ground up to leverage cloud connectivity.


Cloud-first Wi-Fi, switching and routing

Cisco Meraki network management is designed from the ground up with a powerful philosophy – 100% cloud-managed IT under a single pane of glass.

Every Meraki network device is connected to the cloud, enabling remote configuration, monitoring and optimisation. By creating a cloud-based platform that performs all the routine management of network devices, Meraki massively simplifies network operations.

Cloud-enabled networking with Meraki enables organisations to leapfrog beyond complexity to a powerful combination of simplicity, reliability and visibility – provided out-of-the-box.

Once you have your cloud-enabled network up and running you can see the whole network, troubleshoot routers and switches remotely, and use templates to configure whole classes of devices regardless of location – a far cry from the manual device-by-device configuration of old. Remote troubleshooting capabilities are inherent to the network architecture, so scaling a Meraki network does not mean scaling complexity.


Cisco and Meraki IoT/OT Solutions

Cisco and Cisco Meraki’s ground-breaking IoT and smart space solutions are designed to turn the potential of connected devices into valuable operational outcomes that increase operational resiliency. Analysis of the data from cameras, sensors, vehicles and a host of other devices is performed using edge computing capabilities, substantially reducing networking costs, and preventing latency from hampering the efficiency of modern applications.

Cisco Cisco Meraki solutions are designed to enable management of operations securely from anywhere, as though you were on-site. The insights gained from often underused IoT-generated data can be used to reduce downtime and operational costs, while improving workplace health and safety. As a Gold Partner with Cisco Master Certifications, Data#3 is an Australian leader in the Cisco IoT/OT and Cisco Meraki portfolio, with a wealth of experience designing IoT/OT and smart space solutions for industries as diverse as agriculture, mining, transport and government. Talk to us today about boosting resilience and intelligence with Cisco IoT/OT and Cisco Meraki technology.


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