Cisco DNA

Smarter network management for campus, branch and WAN 

Overwhelmed by the forces of mobility, IoT, analytics and cloud, the traditional enterprise network is undergoing radical change to meet the demands of scale, agility and advanced threat protection. Against this backdrop we present the next innovation in network management, Cisco DNA.


Recognising that organisations are overrun sustaining their current environments, Cisco DNA does all the work for you allowing IT to focus on the business, not the network. Explore Cisco DNA, the comprehensive intent-based network management solution that gives you the power to design, provision, enable policy, and assure network performance from the one place.



Simplified, centralised management

Spend less energy managing the network and increase uptime with policy-driven provisioning and guided remediation.


Secure access anywhere

Secure your hybrid workforce with zero trust policies, automated access policies, dynamic segmentation and capabilities to sense threats and take corrective action.

Optimised network and application performance


AI/ML network insights ensure consistent and secure application delivery for highly distributed, multiload environments.


Provision hands free

Replace previously manual onboarding, configuration, provisioning, and software management processes with single-button workflows and plug-and-play automation.

Cisco DNA Blog

Automating your Cisco Network – it’s in your DNA

Read this blog to discover why it’s time to put a stop to arduous, manual tasks and invest in networking technologies that can automate almost everything.

Cisco 2020 Global Networking Trends Report

Our increasingly connected, digitised and distributed world has fundamentally changed the network. This is what the network looks like today and what it would look like in the future.

Cisco DNA Ebook

eBook: Cisco Digital Network Architecture

Meet Cisco DNA, the software-driven architecture that integrates all of your core networking tools into a single network management and control platform.

Data#3’s Cisco DNA Center Readiness Assessment

Our DNA Center Readiness Assessment identifies current network infrastructure that is and is not Cisco DNA capable and provides recommended next steps.

Adopt Cisco DNA with Data#3’s lifecycle approach

As a Gold Certified Cisco Partner and Cisco ANZ Enterprise Networking Partner of the Year (2020), Data#3 is uniquely positioned to help you take your network into the future. We’re not just a procurement partner, we are your everything partner – here to guide you through the procurement, implementation and adoption phases of Cisco DNA, as we introduce value-driven capabilities at every stage including:

1. Automation

Leveraging Cisco DNA’s automation capabilities to reduce manual tasks and improve your time to value through:

  • Visibility: Automate device discovery for easy end-to-end network visibility and inventory management
  • Intent: Define network intent and translate into automation
  • Deployment: Utilise easy plug-&-play to instantly onboard new devices

Management: Maintain software version consistency across every device through the right software image management

2. Assurance

Utilising Cisco DNA to improve your users network experience to deliver comprehensive network visibility and device management through:

  • Network visibility and troubleshooting: Deeper visibility and management capabilities through one pane of glass
  • Efficiency: Uses the power of data to optimise networks and improve performance and reliability so you can pinpoint problems

3. Software-Defined Access

Provide access to any user, device, or application from the edge to the cloud, without compromising security through:

  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: Keep traffic separate with end-to-end segmentation.
  • Consistent experiences: Via a common user policy that uses a single fabric spanning wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Improved operational effectiveness: By automating your user policy and network provisioning
  • Insights: Determine actionable insights from your network data

Watch our Data#3 Principal Consultant, Chris Day, demonstrate some Cisco DNA network automation capabilities in these videos below:

Cisco DNA: Wireless 1800S Sensor

Cisco DNA: Automating QoS

Cisco DNA: Plug and Play

Automate your network today.

To learn more about where you are at in your networking journey, or how to further unlock automation value, contact a Data#3 Cisco DNA specialist now.

1 Cisco (2020), 2020 Global Networking Trends Report [ONLINE]. Available here.
2 Sirkin Research (2019), 2019 Top Network Performance Challenges [ONLINE]. Available here.


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