Flexible Finance and Leasing Options

Data#3 and BidFin

Data#3, in conjunction with BidFin, can provide you with access to a suite of market-leading extended payment term solutions, allowing you to optimise your ROI and budgets into future software, hardware, and services investments by selecting a payment stream that is suitable to you.


Payment Benefits


Payment Options – Extended Payment Terms

BidFin are an Australian-based Fintech company focussed on optimising cash flow through the provision of integrated payment solutions across Extended Payment Terms, Software Payment Plans, Hardware Leases and Rentals*.

Take advantage of extended payment terms for 30/60/90 or up to 120 days. This allows you to convert any upfront purchasing costs, into 3 or 4 equal monthly payments or, even build your own extended terms up to 120 days to fit with specific budget or cash flow needs.

Longer-term flexible payment options are also available to suit every purchasing scenario.


Payment Offerings

Extended Payment Terms

Short Term Option

• Unique product
• Easily accessed via Data#3
• Extend payment terms for 30/60/90/up to 120 days or custom
• Covers 100% of invoice value
• Once established can be reused

Loans & Software Payment Plans

Longer Term Options

• Cover 100% software only
• Bespoke payment capability
• Include hardware & services
• Variable Terms 4 – 60 months
• Easy application process

Rental & Lease

Longer Term Options

• OPEX & CAPEX solutions
• Highly competitive rates
• Hardware-based transactions
• Variable terms 12 – 60 months
• Easy application process

Want to learn more?

To get an immediate quote or to apply, speak with your Data#3 Account Manager.

*All BidFin products subject to credit approval and terms and conditions.