Azure Backup

How data backups are costing your company -

and how to fix it

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of organisations report unplanned downtime.1

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78 mins

Average outage duration.2

$1,467 per min

Estimated average cost (USD) of downtime.2

Very few organisations have absolute clarity on the availability and reliability of their backups. Unfortunately, it usually takes a major disruption, breach or attack before a business is forced to deal with the reality of their backup infrastructure.

Recovery readiness is key – along with data compliance, storage optimisation and keeping up-to-date with the constantly changing threats and regulations. The Microsoft Azure platform protects data on-premises and in the cloud.

Azure Backup

Azure’s native backup offers a simple and reliable way to backup data to the Azure cloud. It’s a great solution for organisations where it’s not economically viable to maintain a separate offsite disaster recovery infrastructure, and for smaller data sets.

Key benefits:

  • Scales easily – Access unlimited, real-time scaling of server resources combined with centralised monitoring and maintenance.
  • Data security – Your data is fully encrypted, and encryption keys are not stored or saved anywhere.
  • Pay-per-use – Enjoy flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, and you are only charged for storage consumed.
  • App-consistent backups – Avoid the need for time consuming additional fixes while restoring data from a virtual machine, file server or SQL servers.

Azure Site Recovery

A data backup regime is only as good as its ability to restore. How quickly you can recover is crucial. 90%2 of customers have an availability gap, which is the gap between how fast applications can be recovered versus how fast they need to be recovered. While some are theoretically willing to tolerate a lag in retrieving their data from a backup, once the reality hits most realise that the retrieval is too slow.

Azure Site Recovery enables you to switch to a standby infrastructure at a different location so your organisation can keep working through data outage periods. It also lets you easily and regularly test your disaster recovery plan for peace of mind.

Data#3 Azure BaaS

Secure data protection, at your service

Is bandwidth or skills to dedicate to managing, optimising and testing data backups holding you back? Explore Back up a Service (BaaS). Data#3’s Azure BaaS delivers guaranteed availability and comprehensive protection of your data for total peace of mind.

Our team of experts provides hands-on guidance across the entire backup strategy—from planning and design to implementation and setup, to ongoing monitoring and management. Your business-critical data, applications and systems will be fully managed across on-premises and in Azure cloud environments.

Key benefits:

  • Lower Azure backup costs
  • Well architected Azure Landing Zone
  • Azure backup stays within your Azure environment
  • 24/7 support desk for restores and support
  • Peace of mind that your Azure backup is optimised

Put Data#3’s Azure BaaS to the test with a risk-free assessment of your backup regime.

Take advantage of Data#3’s Azure Backup as a Service Assessment to generate an accurate estimate of the savings you can achieve and the security gaps you can close. Our experts will help you to unpack your Azure bill and walk you through the bigger picture, including Microsoft 365 backup, on-premises backup, and a range of advanced options for you to explore.

How to get started

Start with a free assessment and identification of Azure backup, storage, related resources to calculate your monthly savings.


We will then onboard your organisation and activate the service by confirming the Azure backup, storage and VMs that fall within the scope of the agreement. During this phase we work closely with your team to create integrations and provide access to Azure subscriptions.

Monthly Service Level reporting

Once the service is established, the backup optimisation of your environment starts, and savings will be achieved with your next Azure bill. The service includes monthly service level reporting, and access to Data#3’s Service Desk. Restoration requests are handled 24/7.

Why Data#3?

Data#3 is Microsoft’s only Australian partner that is both an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider and an Azure Modernisation Factory partner. Our capability in Azure is unsurpassed in Australia. Data#3 holds numerous Microsoft Advanced Specialisations and has members on two Global Partner Advisory Councils, including Azure Infrastructure and Azure Data Services.

Talk to Data#3 about how Azure Backup can help reduce costs and protect your organisation.


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