The Data#3 Name

Data#3’s history goes back to 1977 when Powell, Clark and Associates (PCA) was established to offer professional consulting, software development and data processing services to companies installing computer-based information systems.

By 1984, PCA had become a leading software development company specialising in the healthcare, retail, distribution and financial services sectors. In that year, IBM launched its personal computer.

PCA knew this heralded a new era for computing. To address the opportunities that lay ahead, Data#3 was formed by acquisition and merger of Albrand Typewriters & Office Machines, an IBM Typewriter dealer with an excellent reputation and a wealth of experience in providing quality office equipment and supplies

Prior to the official launch of Data#3 in 1984, a new name was chosen to reflect the business. ‘Data’ represents the stability, strength and history of the company and the industry. The #3’ was chosen from the new IBM PC keyboard – the first to show the ‘#’ and the ‘3’ on the same key and as such captured the innovation and excitement of the future IT world.

Data#3 – strength, stability and innovation.