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Management and Technology Consulting services

Align information technology to business strategy and optimise your operating environment with Consulting services from Data#3’s management and technology consulting organisation, Business Aspect*.

Solution benefits:

  • Define, plan and build a flexible and scalable IT platform
  • Create a strategic roadmap towards Hybrid IT and Cloud solutions
  • Optimise your technology environment and position for growth opportunities
  • Improve efficiency and productivity across the organisation
  • Maximise ROI on your IT spend
  • Leverage technology to affect change management and/or business transformation
  • Meet compliance and business continuity obligations.

In the day-to-day running of networks and systems, plus the need to keep up with evolving technology and capacity demands, businesses can quickly lose sight of the big picture.

That’s why you need the right IT strategy to help steer a course towards becoming a more agile, more efficient and ultimately, a more competitive organisation.

Delivering business objectives through technology.

Through Business Aspect, we offer expert Consulting services that show you how to best utilise technology to meet your business objectives. Whether it’s strategy, planning and execution, architecture or risk and continuity, we can help you build a flexible and scalable platform to optimise your IT environment and plan for future growth.

What’s more, our Consulting services can be applied across all areas of your technology environment, including infrastructure, networks, applications, mobility, hosting or security.

Hybrid IT and cloud.

As well as providing advice and guidance on using technology to meet your business objectives, our expert consultants can also help you create a strategic roadmap to transition your business to Hybrid IT and Cloud solutions.

To learn more about our Consulting services, call 1300 23 28 23 or complete our online enquiry form.

*Operating as an autonomous business within the Data#3 group of companies, Business Aspect delivers independent and objective advice on business and technology strategy, architecture, risk, planning, design and governance as well as specific focus areas such as mobility and cloud. Learn more about Business Aspect here.

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