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Strategic Positioning

Tactics and their supporting actions can create the end result, but each tactic needs strategic positioning to provide direction and vision.

Strategic Positioning requires considerable internal input and direction. We work with your team and provide input where our expertise assists the outcome or helps structure the process to achieve an outcome.  We offer customers a ‘System Integrator’ perspective and options to consider from the discovery phase to the implementation components of the planning.

Once the strategic position is created, technology will become the enabler for the tactics and actions to deliver organisational outcomes.  The advantage of working with Data#3 is that we can fast track the initial strategic planning to various technical concepts and quickly position your internal ICT team to the next phase of the project.

By including Data#3 in your planning, it allows us to understand the greater business objectives or definition of the problem. Our team is able to provide options on how best to create and achieve a strategic position using ICT as an enabler.

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