Your Cloud. Your Way.

Cloud is no longer an emerging technology or a “special IT project” use case.  According to McKinsey*, enterprises are now in the middle of a fundamental shift from building IT to consuming IT and are planning to transition IT workloads at a significant rate and pace to a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

What has changed though, is the preferred mix of Cloud and on-premises solutions, management and services. It’s now all about a hybrid approach, choosing the right options, in the right way, to optimise the use of your technology and resources and maximising the value of your Cloud investments.

In this scenario, everyone is starting from a completely different mindset, which means everyone also has a unique path forward.


Your Business. Your Cloud.

In this new era of Cloud, you need a technology partner that isn’t just following a one-size-fits-all Cloud formula.  You need a partner with the experience to understand exactly where you are now and then take you where you need to be.

Data#3 is one of the most experienced Cloud services businesses in Australia, as measured by the number of clients we have successfully transitioned to Cloud and continue to support, and we;

  • have built specific vendor supported Hybrid Cloud solutions that support digital transformation,
  • partner with industry leading vendors to provide pre-validated solutions to get you into production quickly,
  • have a pedigree in the data centre, so we understand the complexities of Hybrid, Public and Private Clouds,
  • have the ability to link technology and business strategy to a solution outcome, and
  • can transition you to, and also support, your Hybrid Cloud solution.

Your Cloud, Your Way, is about helping you take ownership and control of Cloud. We cut through all the hype to build, manage and support the right Cloud and on-premises infrastructure, using whichever mix of Public or Private Cloud is right for you, regardless of the size of your business.

 What description best fits your business today?

Best for Businesses:

  • with simple needs or a very specific application or use-case requirement,
  • that have no or very little investment in Cloud to date, and
  • that just don’t know where to start.

Best for Businesses:

  • whose needs are a little more complicated,
  • who have already started with Cloud, but not sure how best to proceed, and
  • who want to transition fully to the Cloud.

Best for Businesses:

  • with very complex needs covering multiple applications, Cloud models and perhaps vendors,
  • that are quite advanced with Cloud but need advice on how to address issues such as security, management etc. across Cloud platforms, and
  • who aren’t getting the expected results from Cloud and are considering a shift back toward on-premises.

Are you considering virtualising your business environment into the Cloud?

Data#3 offers an operationally ready Private Cloud built on VMware or Cisco technology that is supported by preconfigured processes to fit your business needs. We know that for a Private Cloud to be truly operationally ready, you need the right level of process maturity, and we’ve been working hard to make it easier than ever to build a Private Cloud infrastructure in one easy-to-purchase solution.

Data#3 helps you realise the benefits of Public Cloud from world-class providers. We have the expertise to provision desktop applications from the Public Cloud, including email and collaboration tools, as well as offer Public Cloud infrastructure and disaster recovery as a service.

operate in a Hybrid Cloud environment, a combination of on-premises Private Cloud environments, Data#3’s own Cloud located in Australia, or a range of vendor-based Public Cloud solutions to manage your business critical workloads and enterprise applications.

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