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Whilst delivering exceptional value to our customers, people, technology partners, and shareholders is paramount, Data#3 recognises that we have a wider community obligation. This obligation – our corporate social responsibility – with respect to the environment involves:

  • Understanding our responsibility toward environmental sustainability, and
  • Having programs in place that demonstrate this understanding and encouraging our stakeholders to make a personal commitment to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.


This policy statement covers all activities, products and services of Data#3’s operations throughout Australia. The policy has been developed with consideration given to existing international standards, national and state legislation, and the organisation’s vision and core values.

Environmental Commitment

Data#3 acknowledges the impact of our operations on the environment and recognises the importance of effective environmental management practices. As a result of this, Data#3 is committed to:

  • Complying with applicable Australian Government, State and Local Body environmental legislation, regulations, policies, initiatives and other requirements which relate to Data#3’s environmental aspects.
  • Minimising our environmental impact and reducing the consumption of natural resources across all activities of the business.
  • Educating and encouraging our staff to facilitate and enhance decision-making processes aimed at preventing pollution by reusing, repairing and recycling resources where possible.
  • Developing and providing products and services that encourage and facilitate sound environmental strategies and practices.
  • Establishing and maintaining partnerships with vendors and suppliers who have clearly demonstrated a commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Nurturing an environmentally responsible culture throughout Data#3.
  • Continual improvement through the ongoing management of our Environmental Management System.

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