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Systems Management

April 19, 2010

In both our personal and professional lives, we are entering uncharted waters. The economic and business environment in which we now operate is unparalleled since the great depression in the 1930’s. Technology departments are experiencing greater scrutiny on approved budget expenditure, and rigorous analysis of new initiatives for tangible and rapid return on investment. The benefits must be real, and save actual dollars.

Scott GoslingWhat initiatives are getting these approvals? Those that extract efficiencies from existing investment and extend the benefit of already-sunk costs. A recurring common theme Data#3 is finding with our customers that resonates is Systems Management. There are many reasons why Systems Management initiatives are finding traction within our current business climate, however strong driver is Software Asset Management (SAM). Strong SAM tools, physical audits and good processes provided the ability to gain a complete view of the software installed in the environment as well as usage statistics so that a well informed rationalisation of licenses can be performed.

In many cases customers may find that the ROI of a Systems Management solution can be gained rapidly when the gap between what licenses have been purchased versus what is actually deployed is determined. Sometimes the results may surprise as customers may in fact be over-licensed. There are many other benefits that can be extracted from a Systems Management tool, including hardware inventory, service desk applications (such as remote control), and tools to speed and automate the deployment of desktop software (applications and operating systems).

How does this style of solution from Data#3 assist you? Through Reduced Cost (manual audits are time and resource consuming), increased Control (use the toolset to automate application deployment and control the deployment process) and Conserve Cash (potentially save on software licensing)

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